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U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (WMEAT)

Highlights Military Expenditures, Armed Forces, Arms Transfers, and Military Burden and Other Relative Indicators (includes 19 Figures and 13 Tables) (2,246 kb)

Rankings Country Rankings in 1995, By Variable (115 kb)

List of Countries List of Countries With 1995 Rank By Variable (64 kb)

Table 1 PDF Military Expenditures, Armed Forces, GNP, Central Gov't Expenditures and Population 1985-1995 (407 kb)

Table 2 PDF Arms Transfer Deliveries and Total Trade, 1985-1995, by Region, Organization, and Country (341 kb)

Table 3 PDF Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries, Cumulative 1993-1995, by Major Supplier and Recipient Country (83 kb)

Table 4 PDF Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Agreements, 1985-1995, by Major Supplier and Recipient Region (122 kb)

Table 5 PDF Number of Major Weapons Delivered to Regions and Groups, by Supplier and Weapon Type (155 kb)

Statistical Notes Define Country Groupings and Variables, Identify Sources of Information, and Explanation of Data Handling Methods (144 kb)

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