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    DD Form 565 Statement of Recognition of Deceased. August 1984.


    DA Form 581 Request for Issue and Turn-in of Ammunition. August 1989.

    DA Form 1155 Witness Statement of Individual. June 1966.

    DA Form 1156 Casualty Feeder Report. June 1966.

    DA Form 2404 Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. April 1979.

    DA Form 2765 Request for Issue or Turn-in. April 1966.

    DA Form 2765-1 Request for Issue or Turn-in. April 1966.

    DA Form 5368-R Quick Fire Plan. December 1984.


    FM 3-3 NBC Contamination Avoidance. May 1987.

    FM 3-4 NBC Protection. October 1985.

    FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination. June 1985.

    FM 3-50 Smoke Operations. December 1990.

    FM 3-100 NBC Defense, Chemical Warfare, Smoke, and Flame Operations. May 1991.

    FM 5-34 Engineer Field Data. September 1987.

    FM 5-100 Engineer Combat Operations. November 1988.

    FM 5-101 Mobility. January 1985.

    FM 5-102 Countermobility. March 1985.

    FM 5-103 Survivability. June 1985.

    FM 6-20 Fire Support in the AirLand Battle. May 1988.

    FM 6-20-1 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battalion. November 1990.

    FM 6-20-40 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Heavy). January 1990.

    FM 7-7J The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley). February 1986.

    FM 7-10 The Infantry Rifle Company. December 1990.

    FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion. April 1992.

    FM 7-30 Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault Brigade Operations. April 1981.

    FM 7-70 The Light Infantry Platoon/Squad. September 1986.

    FM 7-90 Tactical Employment of Mortars. June 1985.

    FM 17-15 Tank Platoon. October 1987.

    FM 17-95 Cavalry Operations. September 1991.

    FM 17-98 The Scout Platoon. October 1987.

    FM 17-98-1 Scout Leader's Handbook. September 1990.

    FM 20-3 Camouflage. November 1990.

    FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations. December 1985.

    FM 21-18 Foot Marches. June 1990.

    FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier. August 1984.

    FM 21-76 Survival. March 1986.

    FM 22-100 Military Leadership. July 1990.

    FM 31-12 Army Forces in Amphibious Operations (The Army Landing Forces). March 1961.

    FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. July 1987.

    FM 34-2 Collection Management. October 1990.

    FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis. March 1990.

    FM 34-10 Division Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. November 1986.

    FM 34-80 Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. April 1986.

    FM 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. May 1989.

    FM 43-5 Unit Maintenance Operations. September 1988.

    FM 43-11 Direct Support Maintenance Operations (Nondivisional). September 1991.

    FM 43-12 Division Maintenance Operations. November 1989.

    FM 44-1 US Army Air Defense Artillery Employment. May 1983.

    FM 44-3 Air Defense Artillery Employment Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger. June 1984.

    FM 44-16 Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger Platoon Combat Operations. May 1987.

    FM 44-100 United States Army Air Defense Operations. November 1988.

    FM 63-3J Combat Service Support Operations - Corps. August 1985.

    FM 63-20 Forward Support Battalion. February 1990.

    FM 71-1 The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company Team. November 1988.

    FM 71-2 The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force. September 1988.

    FM 71-3 The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade. May 1988.

    FM 71-100 Division Operations. June 1990.

    FM 71-123 Tactics and Techniques for Combined Arms Heavy Forces: Armored Brigade, Battalion/Task Force, and Company/Team. August 1992.

    FM 90-2 Battlefield Deception. October 1988.

    FM 90-4 Air Assault Operations. March 1987.

    FM 90-6 Mountain Operations. June 1980.

    FM 90-10 (HTF) Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight). August 1979.

    FM 90-10-1 (HTF) An Infantryman's Guide to Urban Combat (How to Fight). September 1982.

    FM 90-13 (HTF) River Crossing Operations (How to Fight). November 1978.

    FM 90-13-1 Combined Arms Breaching Operations. February 1991.

    FM 90-14 Rear Battle. June 1985.

    FM 90-26 Airborne Operations. December 1990.

    FM 100-2-1 The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics. July 1984.

    FM 100-2-2 The Soviet Army: Specialized Warfare and Rear Area Support. July 1984.

    FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment. June 1991.

    FM 100-5 Operations. May 1986.

    FM 100-25 Doctrine for Army Special Operations Forces. December 1991.

    FM 100-26 The Air-Ground Operations System. March 1973.

    FM 100-103 Army Airspace Command and Control in a Combat Zone. October 1987

    FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations. May 1984.

    FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols. October 1985.

    FM 101-10-1/2 Staff Officers Field Manual-Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data, Planning Factors (Volume 2). July 1990.


    FMFM 1-5 Maritime Pre-positioning Force (MPF) Operations. Coordinating Draft.

    FMFM 4-1 Combat Service Support. September 1981.

    FMFM 5-1 Organization and Function of Marine Aviation. October 1991.

    FMFM 5-35 Assault Support Helicopter Tactical Manual. March 1992.

    FMFM 6-1 Marine Division. March 1978.


    FMFRP 0-52 Remote Sensing Field Guide, Desert. October 1990.

    FMFRP 0-53 Afoot in the Desert. October 1990.

    FMFRP 0-54 The Persian Gulf Region, A Climatological Study. October 1990,

    FMFRP 0-55 Desert Water Supply. November 1990.

    FMFRP 0-56 Southwest Asia: Environment and its Relationship to Military Activities. November 1990.

    FMFRP 0-57 A Study of Windborne Sand and Dust in Desert Areas. October 1990.

    FMFRP 0-58 Problems in Desert Warfare. October 1990.

    FMFRP 0-59 The Environment and its Effects on Materiel, Personnel, and Operations with Special Emphasis on the Middle East. October 1990.

    FMFRP 0-60 General Design and Construction Criteria for Kuwait.

    FMFRP 0-63 Troop Construction in the Middle East. December 1990.

    FMFRP 2-12 MAGTF: A Global Capability. April 1991.


    GTA 3-6-5 NBC Warning and Reporting System.


    STANAG 2025 Basic Military Road Traffic Regulations.

    STANAG 2050 Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries, and Causes of Death.

    STANAG 2128 Medical and Dental Supply Procedures.


    TC 90-1 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain Training. June 1986.


    TM 3-6665-312-12&P Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for M1A1 Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm. March 1985.


Command publications cannot be obtained through Armywide resupply channels. Determine availability by contacting the installation shown.

    FKSM 71-2-8 Battalion Task Force Combat Semite Support Doctrinal Sketch. May 1986.

    FKSM 71-8 Close Combat Heavy (CCH) Maneuver Organizations. February 1989.

    FKSM 71-10 Movement Coordination Exercise (MCX). August 1989.

    ST 17-17 Combined Arms Heavy Battalion/Risk Force SOP. May 1990.

    ST 100-3 Battle Book.

For information on the preceding references, contact:
Commander, USAARMC
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5000

SH 7-176 Infantry Reference Data Book

For information on the preceding reference, contact:
Commandant, USAIS
Fort Benning, GA 31905-5000

ST 100-9 The Command Estimate

For information on the preceding reference, contact:
Commander, USACGSC
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-6900

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