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This glossary lists acronyms used in this publication and selected terms that the user of this publication needs to understand. Army and joint definitions sometimes vary slightly. JP 1-02 (http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine/jel/doddict/index.html) defines DOD military and associated terms; FM 101-5-1 defines Army operational terms. For terms not included in either of these manuals, see the manual listed with the definition for further information. For terms for which this manual is the Army authority, see the paragraph listed with that definition for further information about that term.

AA assembly area
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
ABCAAmerican, British, Canadian, Australian Army Standardization Program
ABCSArmy battle command system
ABLammunition basic load
ABPOArmy Blood Program Office
ABSautomated battlebook system
ACEanalysis and control element
ACOarea claims office
ACofSArmy Chief of Staff
ACPArmy country profiles
ACRarmored cavalry regiment
ACSAacquisition and cross-servicing agreements
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
ACUarea common user
ACUSarea common user system
ADAair defense artillery
ADCONadministrative control
ADDSArmy data distribution system
ADESairdrop equipment and systems
AITautomated identification technology
AJBPOarea joint blood program office
AJPallied joint publication
ALOCaerial lines of communications
ALPallied logistics publication
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMEDDArmy Medical Department
AMS automated manifest system
AOarea of operations
AOEArmy of Excellence
AORarea of responsibility
APAArmy prepositioned afloat
APODaerial port of debarkation
APOEaerial port of embarkation
APSArmy prepositioned stocks
ARCAmerican Red Cross
ARFORArmy forces:
an ARFOR consists of the senior Army headquarters and all Army forces assigned or attached to a combatant command, subordinate joint force command, joint functional command, or multinational command (FM 3-0)
prepositioned stocks
supplies located at or near the point of planned use or at other designated locations to reduce reaction time and to ensure resupply (FM 100-17-2)
ARSOFArmy special operations forces
ASAammunition support activity
ASCCArmy service component command
ASDCarea support dental company
ASGarea support group
ASLauthorized stockage list
ASMBarea support medical battalion
ASMCarea support medical company
ASPammunition supply point
ATAVArmy total asset visibility
ATPammunition transfer point
(or adequacy)
ability to provide the minimum essential supplies and services required to begin combat operations (JP 4-0)
AVIMaviation intermediate maintenance
AVUMaviation unit maintenance
AWCFArmy working capital fund
AWCF-SMAArmy Working Capital Fund, Supply Management Army
AWRDSArmy war reserve deployment system
band supportthe provision of music to instill in soldiers the will to fight and win, foster the support of citizens, and promote National interests at home and abroad (paragraph 1-30)
BDARbattle damage assessment and repair
BOSbattlefield operating system
BSAbrigade support area
BSBbrigade support battalion
BSCbrigade support company
BSDblood support detachment
BSMCbrigade support medical company
BSUblood supply unit
C2command and control
C4Icommand, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
CAAcommand arrangement agreement
campaignseries of related military operations aimed at accomplishing a strategic or operational objective within a given time and space. (JP 1-02)
CAPS IIconsolidated aerial port system II
CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command
CCAScontingency contract administration service
CCIRcommander's critical information requirements
CFMSCONUS freight management system
CHEcontainer-handling equipment
CHLScombat health logistics system
CINCcommander of a combatant command (JP 4-0)
civil lawbody of law containing the statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions that govern the rights and duties of military organizations and installations regarding civil authorities (paragraph 12-21)
CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJMAOCentral Joint Mortuary Affairs Office
CMEDCOMcorps medical command
CMMCcorps materiel management center
CMOcivil military operations
CMOScargo management operations system
CNRcombat net radios
COAcourse of action
COCcontingency operations center
COCOMcombatant command (command authority)
combat loadingarranges personnel and equipment in a manner designed to conform to the anticipated tactical situation (paragraph 3-55)
COMMZcommunications zone
configured loada single or multicommodity load of supplies built to the anticipated or actual needs of a consuming unit (paragraph 1-42)
containerizationuse of containers to unitize cargo for transportation, supply and storage (JP 1-02)
contract lawapplying domestic and international law to acquire goods, services, and construction (paragraph 12-22)
CONUScontinental United States
COPcommon operational picture
CORcontracting officer representative
COSCcombat operational stress control
COSCOMcorps support command
CPcommand post
CPLcombat prescribed load
CPOclaims processing office
CRAFcivil reserve air fleet
CRC CONUS replacement center
CROPcontainerized roll-on/off platforms
CScombat support
CSAcorps storage area
CSBcorps support battalion
CSCcombat stress control
CSGcorps support group
CSHcombat support hospital
CSRcontrolled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CSS reach
operational positioning and efficient use of all available CSS assets and capabilities, from the industrial base to the soldier in the field (FM 3-0)
CSSCcombat service support company
CSSCScombat service support control system
CTAcommon table of authorization
CTILcommander's tracked item list
CTOCcorps tactical operations center
CULcommon-user logistics
CWTcustomer wait time
CZcombat zone
DADepartment of the Army
DAASDefense Automated Addressing System
DACDepartment of the Army civilian
DALdirective authority for logistics
DAMMS-RDepartment of the Army Movement Management System-Revised
DAOdivision ammunition officer
DASBdivision aviation support brigade
DCASdental company area support
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCSPERDeputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCSTDefense Logistics Agency contingency support team
DELdeployment equipment list
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DFBSDefense Finance Battlefield System
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIMHRSDefense Integrated Military Human Resource System
DISADefense Information Systems Agency
DISCOMdivision support command
distributionprocess of synchronizing all elements of the CSS system to deliver the right things to the right place at the right time to support the commander (paragraph 5-63)
DIVARTYdivision artillery
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DMCdistribution management center
DMC/Edistribution management center/element
DMIdepot maintenance inter-servicing
DNBIdisease and non-battle injury
DODDepartment of Defense
DODDDepartment of Defense directive
DOLdirectorate of logistics
DOMSDirector of Military Support
DOSDepartment of State, days of supply
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DOTMLPFdoctrine, organizations, training, materiel, leader development, personnel and facilities
DRMODefense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DSdirect support
DSAdivision support area
DSBdivision support battalion
DSCADefense Security Cooperation Agency
DSMCdivision support medical company
DSOdomestic support operations
DSORdepot source of repair
DSPdeployment stock planner
DTLOMSdoctrine, training, leader development, organizations, materiel, and soldiers
DTOCdivision tactical operations center
DTSDefense Transportation System
DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
EACechelon above corps
EADechelon above division
economyeffective support using the fewest resources at the least cost, and within acceptable levels of risk (JP 4-0)
EDA equipment downtime analyzer
EEMearly entry module
EFTelectronic funds transfer
ENCOMengineer command
environmental lawbody of law containing the statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions relating to Army activities affecting the environment to include navigable waters, near-shore and open waters, and any other surface water, groundwater, drinking water supply, land surface or subsurface area, ambient air, vegetation, wildlife, and humans (paragraph 12-27)
EODexplosive ordnance disposal
EPWenemy prisoner of war
FBCB2Force XXI battle command -brigade and below
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
field servicesessential services to enhance a soldier's quality of life during operations (paragraph 1-21)
FINCOMfinance command
fiscal lawdomestic statutes and regulations to funding military operations, and supporting non-federal agencies and organizations (paragraph 12-25)
flexibilityability to adapt CSS structures and procedures to changing situations, missions, and concepts of operations (paragraph 1-13)
FMfield manual
FMOfinancial management operations
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FOOfield ordering officer
FOPfollow on package
force protectionactions taken to prevent or mitigate hostile actions against DOD personnel (to include family members), resources, facilities, and critical information (FM 3-0)
force providermodular system, principally designed to provide the front-line soldier with a brief respite from the rigors of a combat environment (paragraph 6-71)
FORSCOMForces Command
FRAforward repair activities
FRAGOfragmentary order
FSBforward support battalion
FSCforward support company
FSMCforward support medical company
FSTforward surgical team
GATESGlobal Air Transportation and Execution System
GCCS-Aglobal command and control system--Army
GCSSglobal combat support system
GCSS-Aglobal combat service support--Army
GDSSglobal decision support system
GPMRCglobal patient movement requirements center
GRgraduated response
GSgeneral support
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GTNGlobal Transportation Network
HAPhumanitarian assistance program
HAZMAThazardous materials
HCAhumanitarian and civic assistance
HCPhealth and comfort packages
HDRhumanitarian daily rations
HEMTT-LHSheavy expanded mobility tactical truck-load handling system
HETheavy equipment transport
HHCheadquarters and headquarters company
HNhost nation
HNShost nation support
HQDAHeadquarters, Department of the Army
HRhuman resource
HRShuman resource support
HSShealth services support
HSSNhome station support node
IAimplementing agreement
IAWin accordance with
ICMimproved conventional munitions
IDPinitial deployment package
IEDimprovised explosive devices
ILAPintegrated logistics analysis program
ILSintegrated logistics system
IMinformation management
equipment and facilities that collect, process, store, display and disseminate information; includes computers (hardware and software) and communications, as well as policies and procedures for their use (FM 3-0)
integrationsynchronizing CSS operations with all aspects of Army, joint, interagency, and multinational operations (paragraph 1-18)
intermediate staging basesecure staging base usually established near to, but not in, the area of operations (FM 3-0)
international lawapplying international agreements, international customary practices, and the general principles of law recognized by civilized nations relating to military operations and activities (paragraph 12-15)
IPBintelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPDSinland petroleum distribution system
ISBintermediate staging base
ISSA interservice support agreement
ITinformation technology
ITOinstallation transportation office
ITVin-transit visibility
JAGCJudge Advocate Generals Corps
JFCjoint forces commander
JFLCCjoint force land component command/commander
JFSOCCjoint force special operations component command
JLOTSjoint logistics over the shore
JMCjoint movement center
JMPAJoint Military Postal Agency
JOAjoint operations area
joint reception, staging, onward movement, integrationessential processes required to transition arriving personnel, equipment, and materiel into forces capable of meeting operational requirements (JP 4-01.8)
JOPESJoint Operational Planning and Execution System
JPjoint publication
JPMRCjoint patient movement requirements center
JRAjoint rear area
JRCjoint reception center
JRSOIjoint reception, staging, onward movement and integration
JTAVjoint total asset visibility
JTBjoint transportation board
JTFjoint task force
JTLMjoint theater logistics management
LAAWSLegal Automation Army-Wide System
LDlocal depository
lead nationmultinational operation for which one nation (lead nation) provides most of the forces and resources and the multinational force commander (FM 3-0)
legal assistancepersonal civil legal services to soldiers, their family members, and other eligible personnel (paragraph 12-33)
legal supportall legal services provided by judge advocates and other legal personnel in support of units, commanders, and soldiers in an area of operation and throughout full spectrum operations (paragraph 12-1)
LOClines of communications
LOGCAPlogistics civil augmentation program
LOGSALogistics Support Agency
LOTSlogistics over the shore
LOWlaw of war
LPTlogistics preparation of the theater
LRClogistics readiness center
LSElogistics support element
LSVlogistics support vehicle
MACOMmajor Army command
maintenanceactions taken to keep materiel in a serviceable, operational condition, returning it to service, and updating and upgrading its capability (paragraph 1-23)
major operationseries of tactical actions (battles, engagements, strikes) conducted by various combat forces of a single or several services, coordinated in time and place, to accomplish operational, and sometimes strategic objectives in an operational area (FM 3-0)
MCmilitary committee
MCAmovement control activity
MCBmovement control battalion
MCDmilitary committee decision
MCLmission configured load
MCTmovement control team
MDSSMarine Air-Ground Task Force Deployment Support System
MDWMilitary District of Washington
MEDBDEmedical brigade
MEDCOMmedical command
medical regulatingactions and coordination necessary to arrange for the movement of patients through the levels of care; matches patients with a medical treatment facility that has the necessary health service support capabilities and available bed space (JP 4-02)
MEDLOGmedical logistics
METLmission essential task list
METSmechanized export traffic system
METT-TCmission, enemy, troops, terrain and weather, time, civilian considerations
MHEmateriel handling equipment
MImilitary intelligence
military justiceadministering the Uniform Code of Military Justice and disposing alleged violations by judicial (courts-martial) or nonjudicial means (paragraph 12-8)
MJLCmultinational joint logistics center
MLMCmedical logistics support team
MLRSmultiple launch rocket system
MLSTmedical logistics support team
MMCmateriel management center
MOADSmaneuver-oriented ammunition distribution system
mobilizationprocess by which the armed forces or part of them are brought to a state of readiness for war or other national emergency (paragraph 3-42)
MOOTWmilitary operations other than war
MPmilitary police
MPSAMilitary Postal Service Agency
MREmeals ready to eat
MROmedical regulating officer
MROCSmateriel release order control system
MSBmain support battalion
MSCMilitary Sealift Command
MSEmobile subscriber equipment
MSRmain supply route
MSTmaintenance support teams
MTFmedical treatment facility
MTMCMilitary Traffic Management Command
MTOEmodified table of organization and equipment
MTSmovement tracking system
MTWmajor theater of war
MWDmilitary working dogs
MWRmorale, welfare, recreation
NAFnonappropriated fund
NAMInon-Army managed item
NAPnot authorized for prepositioning
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBCnuclear, biological, chemical
NDMSnational disaster medical system
NEOnoncombatant evacuation operations
NGOnon-governmental organization
NICPnational inventory control point
NMMnational maintenance manager
NMPnational maintenance program
NMSnational military strategy
NSSnational security strategy
OCONUSoutside continental United States
OELorganizational equipment list
OMC optical memory card
OPCONoperational control
operational picturesingle display of relevant information within a commander's area of interest (FM 3-0)
operational reachdistance over which military power can be employed decisively (FM 3-0)
OPLANoperations plans
OPLAWoperational law
OPORDoperations order
OPSECoperations security
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense
OSTorder ship times
PApublic affairs
parallel commandnations (of a multinational force) retain control of their deployed forces (FM 3-0)
PARCprinciple assistant responsible for contracting
PEOprogram executive officer
PERSCOMpersonnel command
physical networkquantity and capability of fixed structures and established facilities; includes factories, warehouses, airfields, seaports, roads, railroads, inland waterways, pipelines, terminals, bridges, tunnels, and buildings (FM 3-0)
PITprocess improvement teams
PLLprescribed load list
PLPpremobilization legal preparations
PLSpalletized loading system
PMprogram manager
PMCSpreventive maintenance checks and services
PODport of debarkation
POEport of embarkation
POLpetroleum, oils, and lubricants
PRAMSpassenger reservation and manifesting system
PSBpersonnel services battalion
PSYOPpsychological operations
PVNTMEDpreventive medicine
PVOprivate voluntary organizations
RAAredeployment assembly areas
RCEMregional contingency engineering manager
RD replacement directorate
RDLRucksack Deployable Law Office and Library
relevant informationall information of importance to commanders and staffs in the exercise of command and control (FM 3-0)
religious supportprovision and performance of operations for the commander to protect the free exercise of religion for soldiers, family members, and authorized civilians (paragraph 1-29)
resource networkthe people, materiel, and machines operating within and over the physical network. (FM 3-0, paragraph 12-50)
responsivenessright support in the right quantity in the right place at the right time (JP 4-0)
RFradio frequency
RFDCradio frequency data collection
RFIDradio frequency identification device
RMresource manager
ROErules of engagement
ROPUreverse osmosis purification unit
RPMAreal property maintenance activity
RS religious support
RSAreligious support annex
RSEreligious support estimate
RSO&Ireception, staging, onward movement, and integration
RTDreturn to duty
RXrepairable exchange
S&Ssupply and service
S&Tsupply and transportation
SASecretary of the Army
SAAS-MODStandard Army Ammunition System-Modified
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe
SAMSStandard Army Maintenance System
SARSS-OStandard Army Retail Supply System-Objective
SATCOMsatellite communications
SBCTStryker brigade combat team
SCCsmall-scale contingency
SECDEFSecretary of Defense
SIDPERSstandard installation/division personnel system
SIMLMsingle integrated medical logistics manager
simplicityreflects the need to reduce complexity and often fosters efficiency in both the planning and execution of national and theater logistic operations (JP 4-0)
SIPRNETsecret internet protocol router network
SITsite improvement team
SITLMsingle integrated theater logistics manager
SJAstaff judge advocate
SLOCsea lines of communications
SMEsubject matter expert
SMFTsemitrailer mounted fabric tanks
SO special operations
SOFspecial operations forces
SOFAstatus of forces agreement
SOPstanding operating procedure
SORsource of repair
SOSCOMSpecial Operations Support Command
SOTSEspecial operations theater support element
split-based operationsperforming certain combat service support administrative and management functions outside the joint operations area, whether in a secure location in the communications zone, at an intermediate staging base, or at home station (paragraph 1-38)
SPM single port manager
SPODseaport of debarkation
SPOEseaport of embarkation
SRAspecial repair activities
SRPsoldier readiness processing
SSAsupply support activity
SSCsmall-scale continguency
SSFsingle stock fund
STAMISStandard Army Management Information System
STANAGstandardization agreement
SUsituational understanding
supplyacquiring, managing, receiving, storing, and issuing all classes of supply except class VIII (paragraph 6-1)
survivabilitybeing able to protect support functions from destruction or degradation; function of force protection that consists of those actions to prevent or mitigate hostile actions against personnel, resources, facilities, and critical information (paragraph 1-16)
sustainabilityability of the force to conduct operations over time (paragraph 3-18)
SWASouthwest Asia
TACONtactical control
tactics(Army) employment of units in combat; ordered arrangement and maneuver of units in relation to each other, the terrain, and the enemy to translate potential combat power into victorious battles and engagements (FM 3-0)

(DOD) employment of units in combat; ordered arrangement and maneuver of units in relation to each other and/or to the enemy in order to use their full potentialities (JP 1-02)
TAMMISThe Army Medical Management Information System
TATto accompany troops
TAVtotal asset visibility
TC-ACCIStransportation coordinators-automated command and control information system
TC-AIMS IItransportation coordinators automated information movement system II
TCCtransportation component command
TCF tactical combat force
TCMDtransportation control and movement document
TDAtable of distribution and allowances
TDDtime-definite delivery
TFEtactical field exchange
TFEOtactical field exchange officer
TFOMtheater force opening module
TFOPtheater force opening package
throughputflow of sustainability assets in support of military operations, at all levels of war, from point of origin to point of use (paragraph 1-41)
TJAGThe Judge Advocate General
TMDEtest measurement and diagnostic equipment
TMEDCOMtheater medical command
TO theater of operations
TOCtactical operations center
TOEtable of organization and equipment
TPFDDtime-phased force deployment data
TPMRCtheater patient movement center
transportationmoving and transferring units, personnel, equipment, and supplies to support the concept of operations (paragraph 1-22)
TSAtheater storage area
TSCtheater support command
TSOPtactical standing operating procedure
TTPtactics, techniques, and procedures
TWVtactical wheeled vehicle
UBLunit basic load
UCLunit configured loads
UCMJUniform Code of Military Justice
UDLunit deployment list
UGRunitized group ration
UGR-Aunitized group ration-A
UGR-H&Sunitized group ration-heat and serve
UJTLuniversal joint task list
ULLSunit-level logistics system
UMTunit ministry team
UN United Nations
UNAAFUnited Action Armed Forces
unit loadingallows troop units to move with their equipment and accompanying supplies on the same conveyance (paragraph 3-55)
unitized cargo single item or a number of items packaged, packed, or arranged in a specified manner that can be handled as a unit (paragraph 3-32)
urban operationsoffensive, defensive, stability, and support operations conducted in a topographical complex and adjacent natural terrain where manmade construction and high population density are the dominant features (FM 3-0)
USACEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USAFUnited States Air Force
USALSAU.S. Army Legal Services Agency
USAMCU.S. Army Materiel Command
USAMEDCOMU.S. Army Medical Command
USAMMAU.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAMRMCU.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
USARC U.S. Army Reserve Command
USARCSU.S. Army Claims Services
USAREURU.S. Army Europe
USASOCU.S. Army Special Operations Command
USCUnited States Code
USPSU.S. Postal Service
USTAPERSCOMU.S. Total Army Personnel Command
USTRANSCOMU.S. Transportation Command
UXOunexploded ordnance
VAVeterans Administration
velocity managementstrives to provide world-class logistics support while providing a hedge against unforeseen interruptions in the logistics pipeline by leveraging information technologies and optimizing its processes (paragraph 1-46)
VMvelocity management
WINwarfighter information network
WIN-Twarfighter information network-tactical
WPSworldwide port system
WRSAwar reserve stocks for allies
WRAS-Kwar reserve stocks for allies-Korea


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