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New reference material is being published all the time. Present references, as listed below, may become obsolete. To keep up to date, see DA Pam 25-30 (on microfiche).

Required Publications

Required publications are sources users must read to understand or comply with this publication.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-6 Field Behavior of NBC Agents (Including Smoke and Incendiaries)

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

Related Publications

Related publications are sources of additional information. They are not required to understand this publication.

Army Regulations (ARs)

AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Authorized Abbreviations and Brevity Codes

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-100 NBC Operations

FM 3-101 Chemical Staffs and Units

FM 6-20 Fire Support in the AirLand Battle

FM 17-95 Cavalry Operations

FM 25-100 Training the Force

FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

FM 71-3 Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade

FM 71-101 Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault Division Operations (HTF)

FM 100-2-1 Soviet Army Operations and Tactics

FM 100-2-2 Soviet Army Specialized Warfare and Rear Area Support

FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army Troops Organization and Equipment

FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols

Soldier Training Publications (STPs)

STP 3-54B1-SM Soldier's Manual, MOS 54B, Chemical Operations Specialist, Skill Level 1

STP 3-54B2-SM Soldier's Manual, MOS 54B, Chemical Operations Specialist, Skill Level 2

STP 3-54B34-SM-TG Soldier's Manual, Skill Levels 3/4 and Trainer's Guide, MOS 54B, Chemical Operations Specialist

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