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04 August 2017 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • Congressman Calls for US Military Partnership with Eritrea VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- A Republican congressman says he believes it is time for the U.S. to reach out to Eritrea and forge a partnership to fight terrorism.
  • US, foreign military pilots navigate through Alaskan, Canadian wildfire smoke AFNS 04 Aug 2017 -- Training scenarios for U.S. military and 11 partnering nation pilots who are participating in Air Mobility Command's large-scale exercise, Mobility Guardian, now include reduced visibility due to wildfires.
  • Royal Air Force JTACs integrate with US counterparts AFNS 04 Aug 2017 -- Members of England's Royal Air Force recently spent time immersed with the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.
  • 'In order to win the fight:' Army tests new communications gear for speed, efficiency Army News 04 Aug 2017 -- During the Network Integration Evaluation 17.2 exercise here, July 11 - 30, Soldiers tested smaller, lighter communications gear that could be easily moved from one battlefield location to another by sling loaded CH-47 helicopter. If fielded, this gear would increase the speed and efficiency of Soldier operations in the field.
  • Georgia National Guard Engineers train half a world away Army News 04 Aug 2017 -- Less than one year ago, Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers of the Swainsboro-based 810th Engineer Company (Sapper) were conducting debris clearance operations in the coastal counties of the State of Georgia in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Now, those same engineers are half a world away supporting the armed forces of the Country of Georgia with combat engineer training as part of Exercise Noble Partner 17.
  • 100 years ago: Entire National Guard drafted for World War I Army News 04 Aug 2017 -- On this date 100 years ago, August 5, 1917, the entire National Guard was drafted into U.S. Army service for World War I. This represented the culmination of several steps declared by President Woodrow Wilson that would mobilize the National Guard into the "Great War" and which sent troops into Europe for the first time.
  • Versatile JSTARS to be utilized during Camp Grayling's Northern Strike Army News 04 Aug 2017 -- "The very realistic training scenarios during Northern Strike 2017 have presented Team JSTARS with abundant opportunities to hone our wartime capabilities, while incorporating our joint and multinational partners," said Lt. Col. Kenneth Billings, mission crew commander with the 128th Airborne Command and Control Squadron, 116th Air Control Wing, Georgia Air National Guard.
  • U.S. Navy successfully Conducts AN/SPY-6(V) Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) Ballistic Missile Test NNS 03 Aug 2017 -- The U.S. Navy successfully conducted another Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) flight test with the AN/SPY-6(V) Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) off the west coast of Hawaii, July 27.
  • Carderock Joins International Team to Test New Icebreaker Designs NNS 04 Aug 2017 -- Engineers and scientists from Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division are working with an international, multiagency team to define requirements for and create the U.S. Coast Guard's (USCG) next heavy polar icebreaker.
  • Free Movement of Troops: NATO 'Demands Military Schengen Zone' in Europe Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- NATO Commanders and European Defense Ministers have called for the creation of a "military Schengen zone" that would allow NATO forces to move in and around Europe without restriction - despite no real bureaucratic barriers actually existing in the event of a fully-fledged conflict.
  • Russia ties most difficult since Cold War: NATO Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says relations between the Western military alliance and Russia are experiencing their most difficult times since the Cold War.
  • New F-16, Rocket Launcher Buy to Help Fill Romania's NATO Spending Commitments Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- The government of Romania is taking concrete steps to reach its requirement to spend 2 percent of its GDP on defense, a measure that helps equally distribute the financial burden of maintaining the alliance across NATO members, by announcing plans to acquire three dozen F-16 aircraft and transportable artillery rockets.
  • Indonesian Envoy Calls Establishing Russian Military Base in Country Impossible Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- The establishment of a Russian military base in Indonesia is not being considered, since the move would go against the nation's constitution, Indonesia's Ambassador to Russia Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi told Sputnik.
  • Indonesia Intends to Buy From Russia 8 Su-35 Fighters Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- Indonesia intends to purchase from Russia eight new Su-35 multirole air superiority fighters, later their number could increase to 16, Indonesia's ambassador to Russia Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi told Sputnik in an interview.
  • China's first homemade aircraft carrier to enter mooring trials next month People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- China's first homemade aircraft carrier will likely enter mooring trials next month ahead of schedule, said Hu Wenming, general director of construction of the aircraft carrier, reported on Aug. 3.
  • Part of Yellow Sea to seal off for military purposes for 2nd time People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- China's navy will temporarily seal off a part of the Yellow Sea for approximately four days to maritime traffic for "large-scale" military purposes, authorities announced for the second time in the past two weeks.
  • China will never seek aggression or expansion People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- China is an architect of world peace, a stalwart of global development, and a staunch upholder of the international order, President Xi Jinping told a rally marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday.
  • India has no reason to oppose establishment of Chinese base in Djibouti: Rear Admiral People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- India has no reason to oppose the establishment of a Chinese base in Djibouti, as the Indian Ocean does not belong to India, said Yin Zhuo, a rear admiral in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, according to the official WeChat account of CCTV4 on Aug. 3.
  • No Early Delivery of Rafale Jets for India Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- Contrary to India's desire, France has not made any commitment for before-the-schedule delivery of the first batch of Rafale fighter jets for the Indian Air Force.
  • Indian Military Suggests Continuation of 5th-Generation Jet Project With Russia Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- The special four-member panel established by the Indian Defense Ministry to examine various aspects of the joint Russia-India fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) project strongly recommended the Indian government to continue cooperating with Russia in this direction, the local media reported Friday, citing Indian Air Force sources.
  • Poland May Sign Deal on First Patriot Missile Systems Delivery by 2018 Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- Warsaw and Washington may sign an agreement on the delivery of the first US Patriot missile systems to Poland by the end of 2017, Bartosz Kownacki, the Polish deputy defense minister, said Friday.
  • Three days of national security drills begin in Taipei CNA 04 Aug 2017 -- A national security exercise that simulates various emergency scenarios, including some in which the safety of national leaders is jeopardized during a military crisis, began in Taipei on Friday.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Mueller impanels grand jury in Russia investigation: Report Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- US Special Counsel Robert Mueller tasked with investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has reportedly impaneled a grand jury.
  • Trump Says Russia Didn't Help Him Win Election, As Probe Intensifies RFE/RL 04 Aug 2017 -- U.S. President Donald Trump said that Russia did not help him win the 2016 election, speaking as media reports said the Justice Department has convened a grand jury to investigate allegations of Russian efforts to influence the election.
  • In New Russian Sanctions Law, A U.S. Warning Of Things To Come RFE/RL 04 Aug 2017 -- Legislation signed into law this week by a reluctant U.S. President Donald Trump hits hard at Russia, cementing existing sanctions and adding on a few more for good measure to punish Moscow for its actions in Ukraine, Syria, and allegedly cyberspace.
  • Russia agrees with US that bilateral ties at 'very dangerous low' Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- The Kremlin says it agrees with US President Donald Trump's view posted on Twitter on Thursday that relations between Washington and Moscow were at a very dangerous low.
  • Kremlin Echoes Trump's Assessment Of Bilateral Ties RFE/RL 04 Aug 2017 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman says the Kremlin agrees with President Donald Trump's statement that the U.S. "relationship with Russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low."
  • Russian Officials Refuse To Accept Charges Of State-Sponsored Doping RFE/RL 04 Aug 2017 -- Russian officials said on August 3 that they will never accept a demand from world anti-doping authorities that they acknowledge that the state oversaw a mass sports doping operation and cover-up.
  • Top US Intelligence Officials Wary as Ever of Russia VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- Top U.S. intelligence officials are refusing to back down over concerns about Russia, even as U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian officials lament what they describe as deteriorating relations between the two countries.
  • Trump Administration Cracks Down on Leakers VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told reporters Friday that he has tripled the number of "active leak" investigations over the tally during the Obama administration, in an effort to stem the tide of classified information being released to the media by people in the Trump administration, intelligence community and other government entities.
  • Under Erdogan, Turkey's Secular Traditions Recede VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- Turkey, once considered the model of an open, secular democracy in the Muslim world, now seems to be stuck in reverse. The government is cracking down on dissidents and erasing the line between religion and state in a country that has served as the bridge between East and West.
  • ASEAN ministers to hold discussions on DPRK People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- ASEAN foreign ministers will discuss on Friday ways to deal with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), which has continued its nuclear program despite international condemnation, Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said.
  • DPRK says leaving its door open to U.S. visitors People's Daily 04 Aug 2017 -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday slammed the United States for issuing a travel ban on the country, adding that U.S. visitors "of good will" are welcome to the country, state-run media reported.
  • No agreement on North Korea sanctions: Russia Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- Russia says no agreement has been reached among the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on a draft resolution against North Korea.
  • You're 'Hopeless': North Korea Calls New US Sanctions a Waste of Energy Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- North Korea said Thursday that the US was "wasting its energy" by adopting unilateral sanctions against them, saying the move only increases Pyongyang's "stamina" and further justifies their nuclear weapons development.
  • China on Possible US Sanctions: Beijing Didn't Trigger North Korea Problem Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- All concerned parties have to join efforts to alleviate the Korean Peninsula crisis as China alone is not responsible for aggravating the conflict, the Chinese Foreign Ministry told Sputnik, commenting on reports of the US working on a set of trade restrictions against Beijing allegedly turning a blind eye to Pyongyang amassing military force.
  • N Korean Foreign Ministry Slams New US Travel Ban for Pyongyang Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- The North Korean Foreign Ministry condemns to severe criticism the US travel ban.
  • US Leads Move to Impose New UN Sanctions on North Korea VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- The United States is seeking the quick adoption of a U.N. Security Council draft resolution that would deprive North Korea of $1 billion a year in revenue that helps fuel its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile program.
  • Spy Agency Used 'Psychological Warfare' to Help Disgraced South Korea President Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- South Korea's spy agency has admitted it conducted a behind-the-scenes campaign which helped Park Geun-hye win the 2012 presidential election. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) used psychological warfare techniques to boost support for Park, who was ousted earlier this year after becoming embroiled in a corruption scandal.
  • Pakistan's New Cabinet Takes Oath VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- Pakistan's new cabinet took oath Friday, concluding a democratic leadership transition process that was set in motion a week ago when a judicial order ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for concealing assets and plunged the nuclear-armed nation into political uncertainty.
  • Australian police charge two men over plane bomb, gas device plots Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- Police in Australia have charged two men with plotting to bomb a plane and conduct a chemical attack in the country.
  • Venezuelan legislative super-body holds 1st session amid condemnations, protests Press TV 04 Aug 2017 -- Venezuela's all-powerful Constituent Assembly, packed with allies of beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro, has held its first session less than a week after a disputed vote, in defiance of widespread condemnation from home and abroad over allegations that the super-body could undermine democratic freedoms.
  • New National Constituent Assembly Holds 1st Session in Venezuela Sputnik 04 Aug 2017 -- The newly-elected National Constituent Assembly, which is expected to prepare changes to the constitution and the country's governance system, began work on Friday in Venezuelan capital, Caracas, according to Venezuela's state television.
  • UN, Government join forces to boost Somalia's drought response capacity UN News 04 Aug 2017 -- In the wake of a severe drought in Somalia that has displaced more than 800,000 people, the United Nations migration and development entities are helping the Horn of Africa country enhance its national drought response capacity.
  • Rwanda's President Kagame Wins Landslide Victory VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- Rwanda's electoral commission says President Paul Kagame has won a third term in a landslide victory.
  • Rwanda Votes in Presidential Election VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- Rwandans voted Friday in a presidential election widely expected to give President Paul Kagame a third term in office.
  • Study: Climate Change Will Bring 50-Fold Rise in Europe Weather-related Deaths VOA 04 Aug 2017 -- A new study shows that deaths that result from extreme weather in Europe could increase 50 times by the end of the century if the effects of global warming are not curbed.

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