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13 September 2016 Military News

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  • US Envoy: Washington Flexible on North Korean Nuclear Talks VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- In South Korea Tuesday two American B-1 bombers flew in from Guam as a show of force, while on the ground U.S. and South Korean diplomats met to coordinate strategies to respond to North Korea's fifth nuclear test, conducted Friday.
  • UN food relief agency provides assistance to 140,000 people affected by flooding in northern DPRK UN News 13 Sep 2016 -- The United Nations food relief agency has delivered food assistance to more than 140,000 people in the north of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), where they have been affected by some of the worst floods in recent history – and expressed concern about their continued vulnerability as an extremely cold winter is approaching and major food losses are expected.
  • DPRK Citizens Hail Nuclear Warhead Test KCNA 13 Sep 2016 -- The more persistent the U.S. remains in putting pressure and sanctions on the DPRK, the stronger the latter's reaction will grow, said Choe Chol, a professor of University of National Economy.
  • Turkey asks US to detain Gulen for 'ordering' July coup Press TV 13 Sep 2016 -- The Turkish government has sent an official request to the United States demanding the arrest of Pennsylvania-based opposition figure Fethullah Gulen on charges of "ordering" the failed July 15 coup d'état in Turkey.
  • US Unlikely to 'Speed Up' Gulen's Extradition to Turkey VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- Turkey has formally requested that the U.S. government extradite Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen from the state of Pennsylvania where he has lived in self-imposed exile for 17 years. Ankara has accused Gulen and his followers – known as the Hizmet movement – of orchestrating a failed July 15 coup attempt that left more than 270 dead and thousands wounded. Gulen denies any role in the coup attempt.
  • Possible Russian Meddling with US Elections Worries Key Defense Officials VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- Top U.S. defense officials insist they are not turning a blind eye to fears that Russian hackers are trying to hijack upcoming U.S. presidential and local elections.
  • France Looks at Its Prisons as Ground Zero in Terror Battle VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- Reports of new incidents trickle in steadily through the French media. Ten radical Islamists are quietly removed from the massive Fleury-Merogis prison over fears of an uprising. In another prison, homemade weapons are discovered in the cell of at least one suspected radical.
  • Three Suspects With Links to Paris Attackers Arrested in Germany VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- German authorities have arrested three men suspected of membership in Islamic State, who allegedly were sent into the country by the terrorist group last year.
  • White House Rejects Calls To Pardon Snowden For Leaking State Secrets RFE/RL 13 Sep 2016 -- The White House has rejected a call by the director of a new film on former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden for President Barack Obama to pardon him for leaking state secrets.
  • Philippines President Steers New Foreign Policy Path VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- Political analysts and commentators in the Philippines say President Rodrigo Duterte is steering the country's foreign policy towards a more nationalist narrative, marking a shift from recent Philippine leaders.
  • China unseats 45 lawmakers over involvement in election fraud Press TV 13 Sep 2016 -- The standing committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC) has decided to disqualify 45 lawmakers representing a northeastern province over electoral fraud.
  • Foreign minister still optimistic about Taiwan's ICAO bid CNA 13 Sep 2016 -- Foreign Minister David Lee (李大維) said Tuesday that he is optimistic about Taiwan's participation in this year's assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), despite the fact that Taiwan has so far not received an invitation to the meeting scheduled to kick off later this month.
  • U.S. respects Taiwan's U.N. bid: MOFA CNA 13 Sep 2016 -- The United States has expressed understanding and respect for Taiwan's efforts to participate in international organizations, including the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Tuesday.
  • Venezuela pushes back announcing date for opposition final move Press TV 13 Sep 2016 -- Venezuela's electoral board has postponed announcing a date for the opposition to begin collecting the votes it needs to trigger a recall referendum against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.
  • Somalia Hosts Regional Summit for First Time in 40 Years VOA 13 Sep 2016 -- East African heads of state met in Mogadishu on Tuesday, marking the first time war-torn Somalia has hosted an international summit in more than 40 years.
  • Almost 300,000 migrants and refugees reached Europe over past 8 months - UN partner agency UN News 13 Sep 2016 -- Close to 300,000 migrants and refugees have reached Europe between the start of this year and mid-September, with most of them entering through Greece and Italy, according to an update from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) today.
  • More has to be done to deliver on European commitments for asylum seekers - UN refugee agency UN News 13 Sep 2016 -- Highlighting that the number of pledges to relocate asylum-seekers continues to be woefully low and its implementation slow and challenging, the United Nations refugee agency today called on European countries to do more to deliver significantly on the commitments they have made.

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