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23 May 2013 Military News

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  • OIF/OEF/OND Casualty Update 23 May 2013 [PDF]
  • Afghan, Coalition Forces Arrest Insurgents in Baghlan Province AFPS 23 May 2013 -- A combined Afghan and coalition security force in Baghlan province's Baghlan-e Jadid district arrested six insurgents today during a search for a Taliban facilitator, military officials reported.
  • Kazakhstan Ratifies Afghan Transit Deal with UK RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- Kazakhstan's parliament ratified an agreement with Britain on Thursday on transit of military equipment and personnel across its territory from Afghanistan, where British troops are serving in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).
  • North Dakota Guard Wades in Against Flood Threat AFPS 23 May 2013 -- When heavy rain threatened a dam near Cavalier, North Dakota, the call went out from North Dakota National Guard units yesterday. Within 12 hours, Guardsmen from communities across eastern North Dakota were on duty in Cavalier beginning yesterday.

Defense Policy / Programs

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Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Banned Rafsanjani Blasts Iran's Leadership RFE/RL 23 May 2013 -- Iran's former president, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has taken a parting shot at the country's leadership days after he was disqualified from running in the upcoming presidential election.
  • Terror Suspects Were Known to British Police VOA 23 May 2013 -- Senior British officials say the two men detained for the gruesome murder of an off-duty British soldier on a London street had been identified earlier by security teams investigating suspected Islamist extremists.
  • British soldier beheaded in machete attack in London Iran Press TV 23 May 2013 -- British police have been investigating a murderous attack near a London barracks on Wednesday as a possible act of terror, local media reported.
  • Cameron Says U.K. Remains 'Resolute' Following Street Murder RFE/RL 23 May 2013 -- British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country will remain 'resolute' in its stand against extremism and terrorism after the horrific killing of a British soldier in London.
  • 'Britons of African Origin' Kill Soldier in London VOA 23 May 2013 -- British Prime Minister David Cameron has described the killing of a British soldier in broad daylight on a London street as an 'attack on Britain' and a 'betrayal of Islam'. The attackers - who said they were taking revenge for the killing of Muslims - are thought to be British citizens of African origin.
  • FBI arrests man in ricin letter case in Washington Iran Press TV 23 May 2013 -- The FBI has arrested a man charged with mailing a letter containing the deadly toxin ricin to a judge in Washington, authorities say.
  • Russian Intelligence Agency Warns of Rise in Terror Threat RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, expects the Taliban influence in Afghanistan to grow after international coalition forces are pulled out, while rising radicalism in Syria could lead to the country's disintegration, the GRU chief said on Thursday.
  • Suicide Bombers Attack Niger Military Barracks, Uranium Mine VOA 23 May 2013 -- Niger's government said at least 20 soldiers and five suicide bombers were killed Thursday in attacks on a military base in the north-central town of Agadez and a French-owned uranium mine further north in Arlit.
  • Saudi Arabia detains Shia cleric for espionage: Report Iran Press TV 23 May 2013 -- Saudi security forces have arrested another Shia Muslim cleric in the country on charges of espionage for Iran.
  • Iranian Foreign Ministry dismisses Bahraini spy drone allegations Iran Press TV 23 May 2013 -- Iranian Foreign Ministry has dismissed a claim by the Bahraini officials about spotting an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the country's airspace.
  • King Edward VIII calls tapped by MI5 in abdication crisis Iran Press TV 23 May 2013 -- Secret documents have revealed Britain's intelligence service MI5 has tapped King Edward VIII's phone calls at the height of 1936 abdication crisis, indicating an extraordinary breakdown of trust between the monarch and his ministers.
  • Russia to Launch South Korean Satellite in August RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- A Russian rocket will launch South Korea's latest multipurpose Arirang-5 satellite on August 22, Seoul's science ministry said on Thursday.
  • Russian Spacecraft Manufacturer to Make 4 Launches in 2014 RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- Russia's Energia Rocket and Space Corporation will make four launches next year from the Pacific Ocean-based Odyssey platform under the Sea Launch program, corporation president Vitaly Lopota said on Thursday.
  • Space Telescopes Capture Rare Birth of Mega-Galaxy RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- US researchers have captured rare images of the creation of a massive galaxy about 10 times the size of the Milky Way that was formed when two young galaxies collided 11 billion years ago, a study published this week says.
  • Lithuania Detains Alleged Russian Arms Dealer on US Request RIA Novosti 23 May 2013 -- The Lithuanian security services have arrested a Russian national at the request of the US Justice Department, which suspects him of smuggling export-restricted military equipment, the Delfi news portal reported on Thursday.

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