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20 August 2012 Military News

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  • Assessing the al-Qaida Presence in Syria VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- Recent newspaper headlines say that al-Qaida or related jihadist groups are flocking into Syria to help the opposition.
  • Obama Warns Syria on Chemical Weapons VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- President Barack Obama: Movement or use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government would change America's stance toward Syria.
  • Obama Warns Assad Not To Use or Move Chemical Weapons RFE/RL 20 Aug 2012 -- President Barack Obama says the use or movement of chemical weapons by Syrian President Basher al-Assad’s regime would change the U.S. perspective on how to respond to the crisis.
  • UN Observers Pull Out of Syria VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- Members of the United Nations observer mission wound down their operation in Damascus Monday, packing their bags and leaving Syria for Lebanon.
  • UN Observer Mission In Syria Ends RFE/RL 20 Aug 2012 -- The United Nations' observer mission in Syria has officially ended without any sign of a breakthrough on bringing an end to the country's conflict.
  • Turkey Calls for Syria Buffer Zone RIA Novosti 20 Aug 2012 -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged the UN on Monday to create a buffer zone for refugees in northern Syria.
  • Syrian Conflict Gives Kurds New Freedom VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- As fighting intensifies in the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Damascus, the Syrian government has withdrawn its troops from several Kurdish areas in northern Syria.
  • Briefing: The mounting Syrian refugee crisis IRIN 20 Aug 2012 -- Nearly a year and a half after the start of the Syrian uprising, tens of thousands of people have fled the country.
  • Syrians Work to Restore Services Amid War VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- Residents in northern Syria are trying to carry on with their lives despite a conflict that has killed thousands of people nationwide since March, 2011.
  • Israel Deploys Rocket Shield to Eilat RIA Novosti 20 Aug 2012 -- The Israel Defense Force has deployed its Iron Dome anti-rocket defense system to the area of the port city of Eilat, which has come under rocket fire in recent days from inside Egypt.
  • Bomb Blast Kills 7 in Southeastern Turkey VOA 20 Aug 2012 -- At least seven people have been killed in a car bomb explosion in southeastern Turkey.
  • MYANMAR: Rebels pledge no more child soldiers IRIN 20 Aug 2012 -- Two ethnic groups in Myanmar recently became the first rebel fighters to sign a “deed commitment” with Swiss-based rights group Geneva Call, pledging to eliminate underage soldiers and protect children in armed conflict.
  • Males In Troubled Gorno-Badakhshan Ordered To Report To Military RFE/RL 20 Aug 2012 -- Tajikistan's Defense Ministry has denied that recent deadly clashes are behind an order calling on all males aged between 18 and 45 years of age to report to military offices in the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region.
  • Daghestan Casualties As Military Convoy Ambushed RFE/RL 20 Aug 2012 -- Reports from the restive Russian North Caucasus republic of Daghestan say at least two police officers were injured when a military convoy accompanied by police came under fire as it passed through the town of Khasavyurt.

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