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23 November 2010 Military News

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  • 23 November 2010 - Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General United Nations 23 Nov 2010
  • KPA Supreme Command Issues Communique KCNA 23 Nov 2010 -- The Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army Tuesday released the following communique:
  • South Korea vows 'enormous retaliation' against North's attack RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on Tuesday ordered to punish North Korea's shelling of one of the South's border islands "through action," in a bid to prevent further provocation.
  • North Korea attack may be response to drills - Seoul RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- North Korea’s artillery attack on a South Korean island earlier on Tuesday may have been triggered by military exercises being held in the area, a spokesman for the South Korean presidential administration said.
  • White House Condemns North Korean Attack AFPS 23 Nov 2010 -- The White House condemned today’s North Korean artillery attack against the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong.
  • Taiwan concerned about incident on Korean Peninsula CNA 23 Nov 2010 -- Taiwan is concerned about the situation on the Korean Peninsula after North and South Korean troops exchanged fire across the border earlier Tuesday.
  • North, South Korea fire artillery shells across western sea borders IRNA 23 Nov 2010 -- North Korea on Tuesday fired scores of rockets at South Korea’s big Yeonpyeong island, setting houses on fire and killing two Marines. South Korea returned fire, military officials said.
  • North Korea Artillery Hits South Korean Island RFE/RL 23 Nov 2010 -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak says he is trying to prevent a broader conflict breaking out following North Korea's artillery barrage on a populated island along the two states' disputed maritime border.
  • World condemns North Korea's attack on South RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- World powers condemned North Korea's deadly attack on a South Korean island on Tuesday, whilst Pyongyang said it had been responding to Seoul's aggression.
  • China urges resumption of talks on North Korean nuclear program RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- China wants to see a resumption of six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, a spokesman for Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.
  • Kim Jong-un - the mystery man set to rule North Korea RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- Kim Jong-un, son of and heir-apparent to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, is one of the world's least well known national political figures. Even his exact date of birth is not known for sure, with North Korea first saying 1983, then 1982.
  • Condemning latest attack, UN chief urges calm on Korean peninsula UN News Centre 23 Nov 2010 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for restraint after today’s artillery attack by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Yeongpyeong Island, located near its coastline in the Yellow Sea and belonging to the Republic of Korea (ROK).
  • N. Korea Shells South Korean Island, Killing Troops VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- In the one of the most serious flare ups since the Korean War of the early 1950s, North and South Korea have exchanged artillery fire. At least two South Korean marines were killed and several others, and some civilians, were injured after North Korea shelled a small South Korean island.
  • Concern in Asia After North Korean Attack VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- Asian nations have called for calm after North Korea fired artillery shells on a South Korean island, causing the death of at least two marines and military retaliation from Seoul. Regional political analysts say the attack could be a strategic move by Pyongyang or possibly a sign of internal political wrangling.
  • China Calls for Talks, Stability on Korean Peninsula VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- China is calling for all sides to work toward "peace and stability" after North Korea shelled the homes of South Korean civilians. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also calls for new six-nation talks with North Korea, even though the United States has ruled that out for now.
  • US Envoy Bosworth Calls Nuclear Talks With China Useful, Complete VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- American envoy Stephen Bosworth says talks with Chinese officials about North Korea's nuclear program have determined that a multilateral approach to the issue remains essential.
  • North Korea launches attack on South Korean island RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- North Korea opened artillery fire at a South Korean island on Tuesday, killing one soldier and provoking a retaliatory attack from the South, Seoul's YTN television reported.
  • North, South Korea exchange artillery fire RIA Novosti 23 Nov 2010 -- North Korea launched artillery fire at a South Korean island on Tuesday, injuring four soldiers and provoking a retaliatory attack from the South, Seoul's YTN television reported.
  • North Korea Artillery Hits Homes on South Korean Island VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- South Korean officials say North Korea has fired dozens of artillery shells at a populated island near the two nations' border in the Yellow Sea.
  • SUDAN: Countdown to the Southern referendum IRIN 23 Nov 2010 -- The people of Southern Sudan regard January’s referendum as their first genuine opportunity to exert their right to self-determination, as enshrined in the 1945 UN Charter and underlined in the 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war between North and South.
  • SUDAN: "Tone down the rhetoric" urges top UN official IRIN 23 Nov 2010 -- A senior UN official has called on leaders in Northern and semi-autonomous Southern Sudan not to incite tension as Southerners register for a January referendum that is likely to lead to secession.
  • East African Leaders Discuss Sudan Referendum VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- East African leaders are meeting to discuss tensions in Sudan, where a referendum on independence for the country's south is now less than seven weeks away.
  • Optimism, But No Deal, at Summit on Sudan Referendum VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- An East African regional summit on Sudan has ended with no deal between north and south on key disputes threatening a referendum on southern independence. But the two sides did agree to keep talking as time for a deal runs short.
  • UN, US Effort to Restart Middle East Talks at Critical Phase VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- At a briefing for the United Nations Security Council, the U.N. Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, Lynn Pascoe, said "we are in the midst of a delicate period which will determine whether a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is possible."
  • UN political chief urges early resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks UN News Centre 23 Nov 2010 -- The United Nations political chief today called for efforts to break the current impasse in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, including a freeze on settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory, and urged a return to direct negotiations by the parties.
  • Palestinians Criticize Israeli Land Bill VOA 23 Nov 2010 -- Palestinians are criticizing a new bill passed by Israel's parliament that would make it difficult for Israel to withdraw from the captured territories of East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights.
  • DR Congo: UN force launches operation to protect civilians in South Kivu UN News Centre 23 Nov 2010 -- The United Nations peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) today announced the launch of a special operation aimed at protecting civilians and aid workers from armed groups that have stepped up activities in the country’s South Kivu province.
  • Citing ongoing instability, Security Council renews UN office in Guinea-Bissau UN News Centre 23 Nov 2010 -- The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations office in Guinea-Bissau until 31 December 2011, while voicing deep concern at the continuing instability in the country.
  • SRI LANKA: ICRC to close in north IRIN 23 Nov 2010 -- The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) looks set to close its doors for good in northern Sri Lanka following a government statement that the organization's mandate in Sri Lanka had changed since the war ended.
  • China appears to be changing its Jammu and Kashmir policy IRNA 23 Nov 2010 -- China appears to be finally responding to India's concerns over the issuance of stapled visas to people of Jammu and Kashmir, a matter taken up recently by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao.
  • Two Indian security personnel killed as Naxals blow up vehicle IRNA 23 Nov 2010 -- Two Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in a landmine blast triggered by Naxals in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district Tuesday, hours after nine extremists were gunned down in an operation in Dantewada.
  • UK delays changing law for Israeli war criminals IRNA 23 Nov 2010 -- Controversial plans to make it more difficult to arrest alleged Israeli war criminals visiting the UK have been further delayed despite the suspension of the strategic dialogue between London and Tel Aviv.
  • Saakashvili, At EU Parliament, Calls For Direct Dialogue With Kremlin RFE/RL 23 Nov 2010 -- Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, in a impassioned speech at the European Parliament on November 23, proposed direct talks with the Kremlin.
  • Renewed violence hampering returns to northern Yemen, reports UN agency UN News Centre 23 Nov 2010 -- The United Nations refugee agency today voiced alarm at the escalation of violence in northern Yemen, which has led to a number of deaths and injuries in recent days and is marring prospects for the return of displaced people to their homes.

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