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15 March 2005 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • CONGRESS/IRAQ FUNDING VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- The House of Representatives has taken up legislation on 81-point-three-billion dollars in funds to support U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The measure gives the president most of what he wanted for war funding:
  • Biological Alarm Shuts Down Second DoD Facility AFPS 15 Mar 2005 -- Local officials shut down three buildings leased by the Defense Department in suburban Virginia after a biological-agent detection system sounded an alarm in one of the buildings March 14.
  • Subsequent Tests Turn Up Negative for Anthrax Contamination AFPS 15 Mar 2005 -- More than 70 more tests in and around the Pentagon have failed to turn up any evidence of anthrax contamination since the initial positive test March 14, DoD's top doctor said today.
  • 2nd Fleet Launches Transformational Center of Excellence to NATO Navy NewsStand 15 Mar 2005 -- At a ceremony held March 14, aboard the 2nd Fleet flagship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7), Commander, U.S. 2nd Fleet moved forward to establish an interim-capability U.S. Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) Center of Excellence (COE).
  • HELTRARON EIGHTEEN surpasses 1,000,000 Class "A" mishap free flight hours USMC News 15 Mar 2005 -- As Navy helicopter, call sign 1E061, with crewmembers Maj. Keith Kincannon and 1st. Lt. Justin Howe, shut down on the evening of March 10, 2005, they made Naval Aviation history, having just flown the squadron's 1,000,000th Class "A" mishap-free flight hour, a first of its kind achievement.
  • 2/6 Marines come home USMC News 15 Mar 2005 -- Marines and sailors with Company G, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, greeted friends and family aboard MCB Camp Lejeune, March 15.

  • EU Delegation Visits Washington to Discuss China Arms Embargo Washington File 15 Mar 2005 -- A group of delegates from the European Union is in Washington for meetings March 14-15 with representatives of various agencies and the U.S. Congress "to discuss the European Union's ideas regarding its China arms embargo," the State Department said.
  • US / EUROPE / CHINA VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- A special European Union delegation visiting Washington is finding resistance among officials, members of Congress and others to its effort to promote the EU's plan to lift its arms embargo against China. The delegation traveled to Washington to try to ease concerns about the plan, and to offer to start a strategic dialogue with the United States on overall China policy

  • SOUTHERN AFRICA: SADC prepares for the African Standby Force IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- Military experts from member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are meeting regularly to prepare for the formation of a standby peacekeeping brigade in the region by the end of this year, a senior official told IRIN.

  • State Department Briefing, March 15 Washington File 15 Mar 2005 -- Int'l Religious Freedom Report Extension/Working with Eritrea - Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, and Vietnam/Range of Sanctions, Lebanon, Greece, Kosovo, India/Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Russia
  • White House Daily Briefing, March 15 Washington File 15 Mar 2005 -- Syria/Lebanon, Hezbollah, Italy/troops in Iraq, Majority Leader DeLay, Iraq war/marking of anniversary, Anthrax investigation, Hugo Chavez/anti-American actions, Northern Ireland, China loan guarantees, President's comments on Israeli settlements, Iran/support for HezbollahVideo news releases, Sale of fighter jets to India and Pakistan?Karen Hughes' role/reaction in Muslim countries, Mexico/terrorists crossing border into U.S., Energy Secretary lobbying OPEC countries

Defense Industry

  • BAE SYSTEMS Wins Autopilot Contract For New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orions BAE Systems 15 Mar 2005 -- LOS ANGELES -- L-3 Communications Corp. has awarded BAE Systems a contract to upgrade P-3 Orion autopilot systems for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • BAE SYSTEMS Wins Competition For 105mm Improved Ammunition BAE Systems 15 Mar 2005 -- BAE Systems today announced that it has won a contact from the UK MOD for the manufacture and initial supply of 105mm Improved Ammunition (IA) for the L118 105mm Light Gun. The contract will, subject to successful qualification, lead to an initial buy of 50,000 shells valued at approximately 17M.
  • Lockheed Martin Joint Common Missile Demonstrates Ability to Penetrate and Destroy Urban Targets Lockheed Martin 15 Mar 2005 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] successfully tested its Joint Common Missile (JCM) multi-target warhead and fuze in a series of warhead penetration tests at the Redstone Technical Test Center, AL.
  • RDE supplies flight simulator for MiG-29 K carrier aircraft Rheinmetall Defence 15 Mar 2005 -- Acting in close cooperation with the Russian aircraft manufacturer MiG, the Simulation and Training unit of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH (RDE) will be supplying the Indian Navy with a full-mission simulator complete with Avior laser system for the carrier variant of its MiG-29 K fighter planes. The result of successful cooperation over several years in the development of high-tech simulators, the Bremen-based company signed a multi-million euro contract with the MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation at the end of last year.
  • Northrop Grumman to Team with Australian Defense Industries on Global Hawk UAV Ground Systems Northrop Grumman 15 Mar 2005 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) today announced that it would team with leading Australian companies to develop an Australian ground system to integrate with the company's Global Hawk high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Other Conflicts

  • FSB: Will Pay $10 Million To Find Basaev RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it will pay $10 million for information leading to the man who has become the Kremlin's number one foe, radical Chechen commander Shamil Basaev.
  • Analysis: Chechen Resistance Closes Ranks RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- The death on 8 March of Chechen President and resistance commander Aslan Maskhadov has not resulted in the split within the ranks of the resistance that some Russian and pro-Moscow Chechen officials predicted. On the contrary, within 36 hours Akhmed Zakaev, Maskhadov's envoy in London, announced in a statement posted on chechenpress.co.uk, that Abdul-Khalim Sadulaev (or Saidullaev), chairman of the Sharia Supreme Court, will serve as president and military commander until such time as free elections can be held in Chechnya. Senior field commander Shamil Basaev pledged his support for Sadulaev on 10 March.
  • Chechnya: Russia Refuses To Hand Over Maskhadov's Body For Burial RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- The Kremlin is refusing to return for burial the body of Aslan Maskhadov, who was killed on 8 March in an apparent gun battle with federal forces in Chechnya. Russian officials say the slain Chechen leader was a terrorist, and that by law his body should n-o-t be handed over to relatives. Federal forces also destroyed the house where Maskhadov was allegedly killed. But rights groups are warning that Russia's actions could have dire consequences.

  • BUSH / ISRAEL / PALESTINE VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- President Bush and Jordan's King Abdullah are supporting efforts by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to broker a ceasefire between Palestinian militants and Israel. President Bush and King Abdullah met at the White House where they discussed prospects for peace in the Middle East.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- Israeli officials say the army will hand over security control of the West Bank city, Jericho, to the Palestinians, Wednesday. The news comes as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas heads to Cairo for cease-fire talks with militants.

  • UN Security Council recommends continued monitoring of Somali embargo violations UN News Centre 15 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations Security Council today recommended that Secretary-General Kofi Annan re-establish the group monitoring weapons embargo violations in Somalia and that the Council's relevant Sanctions Committee visit the Horn of Africa country to show the Council's "determination to give full effect to the arms embargo."
  • SOMALIA: Arms continue to flow in despite embargo, say monitors IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- Weapons have continued to enter Somalia, despite a UN ban on the sale of arms to the country, a team of monitors reported on Monday.
  • SOMALIA/PEACEKEEPERS VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- A group of Somali members of parliament Tuesday said they would not accept a peace support mission that includes troops from Ethiopia and other neighboring states. Their rejection follows comments by Uganda's president that a regional peace support mission will be deployed to Somalia with or without the consent of the factional leaders opposing it.

  • CONGO/U.N. MISSION VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- Widely criticized for standing idly by as militias attacked one village after another in the country's northeastern region, U.N. peacekeepers in Congo are stepping up efforts to protect civilians.
  • CONGO: Hundreds of fighters join new disarmament programme IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- The government of the Republic of Congo (ROC) has initiated a new programme for the demobilisation, disarmament and reintegration (DDR) of 450 former fighters who surrendered in the Pool region, in the south of the country.

  • KENYA/CLASHES VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- In Kenya, at least 30 people were killed during what police say was a revenge attack against a clan.
  • UN/NEPAL VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- Nepal's Foreign Minister has appealed to the international community to understand and support the King's decision to declare a State of Emergency. The Minister told delegates attending the U.N. Human Rights Commission that the declaration was a necessary response to the Maoist insurgency.
  • SUDAN-ERITREA: Darfur rebel groups threaten not to resume peace talks IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- The two main rebel groups in the conflict-affected western Sudanese region of Darfur have said they will not resume talks with the Khartoum government unless "war criminals" in the region are prosecuted.
  • ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Security Council extends UNMEE mandate by six months IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- The UN Security Council on Monday extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) until 15 September 2005, and called on both countries to refrain from any threat of use of force against each other.
  • TOGO: Opposition choose septuagenarian Bob-Akitani as candidate for April election IRIN 15 Mar 2005 -- Togo's opposition parties have picked septuagenarian politician Emmanuel Bob-Akitani as their joint candidate for next month's presidential election, hoping he will be able to beat the son of the late head of state, Gnassingbe Eyadema.

News Reports

  • CONGRESS/U.N. REFORM VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- Former U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations have told Congress U.N. reform should be on top of the U.S. agenda in coming years.

  • Kosovo: Rugova Survives Blast Ahead Of Nominating Prime Minister RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- Kosovo's President Ibrahim Rugova escaped unhurt from an assassination attempt in Pristina early today. The attack comes at a time of political tension in the capital of the UN-administered Serbian province.
  • KOSOVO POL VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- The European Union and the United Nations are urging speed and inclusiveness in the naming of a new prime minister in Kosovo. Former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was forced to resign seven days ago and turn himself in to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague.
  • PRISTINA BOMB UPDATE VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations administrator in Kosovo, Soren Jessen-Petersen and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana Tuesday expressed shock at the morning attack apparently aimed at Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova.
  • PRISTINA BLAST VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- An explosive device placed in a trash container exploded in downtown Pristina Tuesday damaging the passing car carrying Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova.

  • Nearly 300 arrested in Nepal demonstrations IRNA 15 Mar 2005 -- Nepal police on Monday arrested nearly 300 political activists belonging to five major parties, who took to the streets against King Gyanendra's power grab, defying the royal government's ban on public rallies, reports Press Trust of India.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Fragmented Opposition Ponders Next Move After Election Defeat RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- The Kyrgyz opposition says it hopes to rebound from its poor showing in the 13 March runoff parliamentary elections in time for the presidential vote, due in October. Preliminary results show the runoff ended with President Askar Akaev maintaining a loyal majority in the 75-seat chamber. With scattered protests still continuing over the election results, opposition leaders gathered today in the southern city of Jalal-Abad in hopes of agreeing on a joint presidential candidate. What are the chances the Kyrgyz opposition can effect significant political change in the country, in light of its parliamentary failure?
  • Kyrgyz Opposition Takes State Building, Holds Officials RFE/RL 15 Mar 2005 -- Opposition protesters in Kyrgyzstan are holding a regional governor and another local official captive today at a government building in the northern Talas District.

  • BUSH/HEZBOLLAH VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- President Bush says the United States views Hezbollah as a terrorist organization - but that the militant group can change that impression by its own actions.
  • Bush Challenges Hezbollah To End Terrorism Washington File 15 Mar 2005 -- President Bush said that while the United States continues to view Hezbollah as a terrorist organization "because of terrorist activities in the past," the group could gain legitimacy by ending violence and not threatening regional peace efforts.
  • LEBANON DEMO VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- A noisy crowd of several thousand demonstrators gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy compound north of Beirut, protesting what they called U.S. meddling in Lebanon's internal affairs and demanding the withdrawal of U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman.

  • TOGO/POLITICS VOA 15 Mar 2005 -- A coalition of opposition parties in Togo has decided upon a single presidential candidate to run in elections next month against the son of the country's late longtime ruler. With the main opposition figure excluded from the vote, his number two is stepping in to fill his shoes.

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