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25 December 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Strong blasts jolt Baghdad city center IRNA 25 Dec 2003 -- The sound of a series of strong bomb blasts was heard in Baghdad city center late Wednesday that shook the residential houses repeatedly.
  • Iraq: Rocket Attacks Shake Baghdad RFE/RL 25 Dec 2003 -- Insurgents in Iraq carried out a series of rocket attacks in central Baghdad early today.
  • IRAQ/ATTACKS VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- A wave of explosions has hit Baghdad on Christmas Day. One U-S soldier was killed by a bomb, and attackers launched mortars at multiple targets around the center of the city.
  • BAGHDAD/CHRISTMAS VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- It was a tense Christmas Day in Baghdad. For many American soldiers it was just another workday, amid an upsurge of insurgent attacks. Meanwhile, most Iraqi Christians celebrated the holiday quietly, subdued by fears of violence directed at them.
  • CIVIL MILITARY OPERATIONS CONTINUE TO PRODUCE POSITIVE RESULTS IN AL ANBAR CENTCOM Release 25 Dec 2003-- Task Force All American soldiers continue to work with Iraqis in the Al Anbar Province to improve civil military operations in the region.
  • SOLDIERS AND IRAQIS CONTINUE JOINT EFFORTS TO MAKE AL ANBAR MORE SECURE CENTCOM Release 25 Dec 2003-- Task Force All American soldiers in the Al Anbar region conducted 192 patrols, 11 of which were joint with Iraqis.
  • AFGHANISTAN/ BLAST VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- In Afghanistan, a pre-dawn explosion at a guesthouse where United Nations staff were staying has rattled Kabul. International peacekeepers are investigating the cause. There were no casualties.
  • AFGHANISTAN CHRISTMAS VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- While work for U-S forces in Afghanistan goes on as usual, the soldiers are taking some time to celebrate Christmas.

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Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL-EXPLOSION VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- A suspected Palestinian suicide bomber has killed at least three people at a bus stop outside Tel Aviv and wounded more than a dozen others. The attack came shortly after a separate incident in the Gaza Strip, in which a strike by an Israeli helicopter killed a senior Islamic militant and four others.

News Reports

  • BENIN / CRASH VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- More than 60 people, most of them Lebanese, have been killed in a plane crash in the tiny west African nation of Benin. VOA's Nico Colombant reports from our West Africa bureau in Abidjan, the aircraft, which belonged to the Lebanese U-T-A charter company, was on a flight to Beirut.
  • RUSSIA / GEORGIA VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- At their first meeting in Moscow since the Georgian revolution, Georgia's interim leader Nino Burjanadze and Russian President Vladimir Putin said they hope to open a new chapter in the often-strained relations between their two countries.
  • CHINA GAS EXPLOSION VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- China says at least 191 people are dead following an explosion at a natural gas field in the southwestern city of Chongqing.
  • GUINEA / ELECTION VOA 25 Dec 2003 -- Opposition leaders in Guinea are denouncing as fraudulent election results giving long-time President Lansana Conte another term in office.

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