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23 July 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Transcript: Gen. Keane Press Briefing on Plans to Rotate Forces in Iraq 23 Jul 2003 -- "My purpose today is to present to you our rotation plan for Iraq. First, I want to give you a little historical perspective. (...) Since 1982, we've had a six-month unit rotation policy in the Sinai. In 1995, we began with a 12-month unit rotation in the Balkans, and shortly thereafter, changed it to a six-month rotation policy, which we are steady-stating today in Bosnia and Kosovo. Finally, our forces in Afghanistan are currently on a six-month unit rotation policy."
  • 'MAINTAINERS' KEEP V CORPS SIGNAL BATTALION ROLLING IN IRAQ V Corps Release 23 Jul 2003-- New York has traffic. Houston has traffic. Los Angeles has traffic. Driving in cities such as these takes a toll on drivers as well as their vehicles.
  • USAFE forces deliver U.S. Marines to Liberia, evacuate 23 people USAFE News 23 Jul 2003-- U.S. Air Force HH-60G Pavehawk helicopters from the 56th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, based at an intermediate staging base here, flew a U.S. Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team to the U.S. Embassy in Liberia Monday, and evacuated 23 people in the process. The action comes in the wake of growing civil unrest in Liberia.
  • SOLDIER KILLED, TWO OTHERS WOUNDED IN IED ATTACK CENTCOM Release 23 Jul 2003-- One 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment soldier was killed, and a soldier and a contractor were wounded when their convoy was attacked by an improvised explosive device on Highway 1 in Ar Ramadi July 23 at approximately 7:45 a.m.
  • ONE SOLDIER KILLED, SEVEN WOUNDED IN IED ATTACK CENTCOM Release 23 Jul 2003-- One 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) soldier was killed and seven 101st AD soldiers wounded when an improvised explosive device struck two military vehicles traveling on Highway 1 outside of Mosul July 23 at approximately 6 a.m.
  • Marines Patrol for Weapons Marine Corps News 23 Jul 2003-- Karbala is considered to be one of the safest cities in Iraq, yet there are still those who do not want to see coalition forces bring Iraq into a peaceful and prosperous future.
  • 1st Marine Division opens ninth school in An Najaf Marine Corps News 23 Jul 2003-- The First Marine Division rehabilitated two more schools in An Najaf, Iraq July 21, making a total of nine schools that have been sponsored by the Marines in the province since the end of major combat operations in May.
  • Powell Defends U.S. Decision to Follow African, U.N. Lead on Liberia Washington File 23 Jul 2003 -- During a July 22 interview in his State Department office with editors and reporters of the Washington Times, Secretary of State Colin Powell discussed the current crisis in Liberia, noting that, as the world's only superpower, the United States has an "obligation" not to allow West Africa to "come apart."
  • Hundreds of desperate refugees seek safety at UN compound in Liberia UN News Centre 23 Jul 2003 -- As rebel mortars continue to pound the centre and surrounding neighbourhoods of Liberia's beleaguered capital, hundreds of hungry, terrified refugees are scrambling for safety inside the walls of a United Nations compound in Monrovia.
  • Shelling Continues in Liberian Capital VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Shelling is continuing in the Liberian capital Monrovia, in spite of a call for a cease-fire by rebel leaders.
  • ECOWAS Orders 1,300 Nigerian Troops To Liberia VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- West African leaders have decided to send a vanguard force of at least 1,300 Nigerian troops to Liberia to bring peace to the devastated nation.
  • Switzerland Freezes Bank Accounts Linked to Liberia's Charles Taylor VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Swiss authorities say they have frozen about $1.5 million in bank accounts linked to Liberian President Charles Taylor following his indictment for war crimes.
  • Assault On Monrovia Continues, Newspaper Says Taylor's Departure Soon VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Gunfire and sporadic shelling continue for a fifth day in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, despite a call for a cease-fire.
  • EDITORIAL: FIGHTING IN LIBERIA VOA 22 Jul 2003 -- Since civil war erupted in Liberia in the late 1980s, more than two-hundred thousand Liberians have died and one million have become refugees. In recent weeks the situation has deteriorated. Hundreds have been killed in the capital, Monrovia, in fighting between government troops and rebels trying to remove President Charles Taylor from office. The rebels include members of a group called Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy, or the LURD.
  • LIBERIA: Peace talks on back burner as battle for Monrovia continues IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- Liberian peace talks in Ghana were pushed onto the back burner on Wednesday as government and rebel forces continued their battle for the capital Monrovia.
  • LIBERIA: UN warns of tragedy as food shortages grow acute IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- Food shortages grew more accute in the Liberian capital Monrovia on Wednesday as rebel forces continued pounding the city centre with mortar fire and the United Nations warned that its one million population faced a humanitarian tragedy.
  • PAKISTAN: Afghan interior minister's visit met with optimism IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- Afghan and Pakistani officials and experts are optimistic that the ongoing visit of a high-ranking official Afghan delegation led by Interior Minister Ali Ahmed Jalali will improve bilateral ties strained by the ransacking of the Pakistani embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, earlier this month.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DoD Statement on Australian Detainee Meetings 23 Jul 2003 -- The General Counsel of the Department of Defense, Hon. William J. Haynes II, met Monday through Wednesday with an Australian legal delegation, led by Minister of Justice Chris Ellison, to discuss and review potential options for the disposition of Australian detainee cases.
  • DoD Statement on British Detainee Meetings 23 Jul 2003 -- The General Counsel of the Department of Defense, Hon. William J. Haynes II, met Monday and Tuesday with the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, Lord Peter Goldsmith, to discuss and review potential options for the disposition of British detainee cases.
  • Bush Letter to Congress on U.S. Forces in Bosnia Washington File 23 Jul 2003 -- President Bush sent the following letter to Congressional leaders July 22, 2003 informing them that he has directed the continued deployment and participation of American combat-equipped armed forces to Bosnia and Herzegovina and other states in the region to support the NATO-led Stabilization force (SFOR) in its efforts to apprehend persons indicted for war crimes and to conduct counter-terrorism operations
  • Rumsfeld, Keane Discuss Army Transformation, Troop Rotations AFPS 23 Jul 2003 -- The defense department's top civilian declared here July 22 that he's not at war with the U.S. Army.
  • Testing the limits... CARAT conquers Singapore training Marine Corps News 23 Jul 2003-- Lance Cpl. Nathan Glover crouched down on the side of the road and waited for his platoon sergeant to give the all clear. He tried to relax during the patrol before his company conducted its final assault of the Singapore training phase of exercise Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training (CARAT).
  • Keane announces overseas unit rotation schedule Army News Service 23 Jul 2003-- Gen. Jack Keane said that most units deploying to Iraq over the next few months can expect stays of up to one year when he announced the unit rotation schedule July 23.
  • Long range surveillance detachment soldiers jump into airborne operations 8th Army Release MS DOC 23 Jul 2003-- The job of the 2nd Infantry Division's Long Range Surveillance Detachment entails more than just observing the movements of enemy troops, sometimes it involves air insertions whereby soldiers parachute into landing zones while under enemy fire.
  • Sappers get down and dirty during demolitions training 8th Army Release MS DOC 23 Jul 2003-- - Combat engineers are tasked with breaching obstacles to clear the way for troops and supplies and the soldiers from 2nd Engineer Battalion take every opportunity to train up on the latest techniques in demolitions. The goal is to be as proficient as possible if they are ever called upon in wartime to clear a safe path for troops to move toward their objective.
  • Crew chiefs qualify on Blackhawk door guns 8th Army Release MS DOC 23 Jul 2003-- Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment participated in UH-60 Blackhawk assault helicopter door gunnery qualification at Nightmare Range July 15.
  • Amphibious Ship San Antonio Christened Navy Newsstand 23 Jul 2003-- "I christen thee San Antonio!"
  • AF releases 2004 realignments AFPN 23 Jul 2003-- The Air Force will lose 2,260 military and 2,839 civilian manpower positions, and 1,055 reserve drill authorizations next year, according to the 2004 force-structure announcement released July 23.

  • NATO-RUSSIA COUNCIL STATEMENT NATO 23 Jul 2003 -- The NATO-Russia Council is committed to ensuring that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a peaceful, viable, multi-ethnic state on course to becoming an integral part of the Euro-Atlantic family of nations.
  • Press Statement by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, in his Capacity as Chairman of the NATO-Russia Council NATO 23 Jul 2003 -- The NATO-Russia Council met today at Ambassadorial level. Ambassadors discussed follow-up to meetings held last month of NRC Foreign and Defence Ministers, and addressed the development of practical NRC cooperation in the area of logistics. They exchanged views on the current situations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan and Kosovo.
  • Statement by the Secretary General of NATO NATO 23 Jul 2003 -- The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, is pleased to be able to announce that the talks he has held with the Permanent Representatives of Greece and Turkey on confidence-building measures have led to two further agreements, following an earlier one on mutual notification of exercise schedules.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • The Security Fence Area July 23, 2003 - Embassy of Israel - The Security Fence Area, currently being established between the West Bank and Israel's population centers, is a central component of Israel's response to the present wave of Palestinian terrorism.
  • Israel Approves Release of 350 Palestinian Prisoners VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Israel has approved the release of more than 350 Palestinian prisoners, but says the release of members of Palestinian militant groups will have to wait.

  • Annan 'deeply concerned' at increase in violence in Kashmir UN News Centre 23 Jul 2003 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today voiced deep concern over recent terrorist acts in Kashmir and urged India and Pakistan to continue their recent efforts to resolve their differences peacefully.
  • SAO TOME / ACCORD VOA 23 Jul 2003 -- One week after soldiers staged a coup in the tiny island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, an accord to restore democracy to the islands has been signed by the coup leaders and the ousted president. The deal will restore President Fradique de Menezes to office as well as grant amnesty to the coup leaders.
  • India Defense Minister Visits Scene of Attack in Kashmir VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- India's defense minister has visited the scene of Tuesday's attack on an army camp in Indian Kashmir, vowing the incident will not effect peace efforts with rival Pakistan.
  • Solomon Islands PM Flees Capital; Intervention Force Arriving VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza of the troubled Solomon Islands has fled the capital Honiara, just hours before the arrival of an Australian-led intervention force. Officials say Mr. Kemakeza has been taken to a secret location amid concerns for his safety.
  • CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: WFP resumes food delivery after four-month suspension IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has resumed transporting food into the Central African Republic (CAR) from neighbouring Cameroon, where it had been held for four months due to insecurity in CAR, a WFP official told IRIN on Tuesday.
  • SUDAN: Government considering date for resumption of peace talks IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- The government of Sudan is considering a date for the resumption of postponed peace talks with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A).
  • SIERRA LEONE: Sankoh's case dismissed and Brima to stay in jail IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- The UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone has refused a request to suspend the prosecution of former rebel leader Foday Sankoh on the grounds of poor health and has denied an application for bail by another indictee Alex Tamba Brima.
  • COTE D'IVOIRE: Donors fund West African peacekeepers until November IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- The United States and several European donors have pledged sufficient funding to keep a West African peacekeeping force of nearly 1,400 troops deployed in Cote d'Ivoire until the end of November, military sources said on Wednesday.
  • ANGOLA: MSF calls for greater assistance to returnees IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- Médicins Sans Frontièrs (MSF) on Wednesday called for greater assistance to refugees returning to Angola, saying that many had resettled in areas lacking basic services.
  • GHANA: Parliament renews state of emergency in north IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- Ghana's parliament has renewed the state of emergency in northern Ghana for a further month to keep the lid on a chieftancy dispute in the area. A curfew and other security measures were imposed after fighting between two rival clans of the Dagomba tribe led to the killing of its king and 29 other people in March 2002.
  • SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Coup leaders hand power back to civilian president IRIN 23 Jul 2003 -- The military junta which seized power in the potentially oil-rich island state of Sao Tome and Principe last week, signed an agreement with international mediators on Wednesday to allow the reinstatement of the elected government of President Fradique de Menezes, news agencies with local correspondents reported.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 23 Jul 2003 -- Saddam's two sons killed in raid on home in northern Iraq / U.S. Army plan calls for keeping 145,000 troops in Iraq / Russian diplomat warns U.S. not to use force against Iran / German minister calls for "single voice" in EU defense policy / EU raps Serbia over feuding among its reformers / U.S. secretary of state confers with UN secretary-general on restoring Liberia cease-fire
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 23 Jul 2003 -- U.S. to outline 60-day plan for Iraq rebuilding projects / 12,000 Turkish troops to be stationed in Iraq for at least three years / Secretary of State Powell endorses Liberian peacekeeping role / NATO holds first post-war joint army training program for Bosnians

  • Senator Advises Thailand to Seek Release of Aung San Suu Kyi Washington File 23 Jul 2003 -- The second most powerful Republican in the Senate says Thailand should be more concerned with securing the freedom of Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi than with helping the Rangoon regime.
  • ZIMBABWE / POLITICS VOA 23 Jul 2003 -- A human rights group in Zimbabwe says opposition candidates are being prevented from running in elections scheduled for next month.
  • Afghanistan: School Closures In Balkh Province Leave Teachers, Students Stranded RFE/L 23 Jul 2003 -- The Education Department in Afghanistan's northern Balkh Province has announced that it is closing 180 schools. The move -- which officials say was driven by lack of funds and unspecified structural reforms -- will leave more than 4,000 teachers and school employees jobless and interrupt the education of 170,000 students. Throughout Afghanistan, the euphoria following the Taliban's ouster and the re-opening of schools is being replaced by a growing sense of frustration. Many teachers have yet to receive any salaries since the academic year began in March.
  • Burma Dominates Talks at Europe-Asia Foreign Ministers Meeting VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Burma and the continued detention there of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is dominating the annual meeting of foreign ministers of Asia and Europe on the Indonesian island of Bali.
  • Burma Releases 90 Pro-Democracy Activists VOA News 23 Jul 2003 -- Burma, which has been under intense international pressure to release Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, says it has freed more than 90 of her supporters. They had been arrested with her in a May 30 clash with pro-government supporters.

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