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26 June 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • U.S. Involvement in Philippines Might Extend Past July 31 Deadline AFPS 26 Jun 2002-- U.S. special operations troops' current mission of training Philippine military forces ends July 31, but further U.S. involvement under different parameters is likely after that, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.
  • CONGRESS / AFGHANISTAN VOA 26 Jun 2002-- A senior U-S Defense official is leaving open the possibility that the United States could endorse expansion of the international peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz discussed the issue before a Congressional panel Wednesday
  • AFGHANISTAN AFTER THE LOYA JIRGA VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The Loya Jirga, Afghanistan's national council, recently concluded nine days of meetings. Representatives from all parts of Afghanistan met to debate the future of their country. The assembly elected Hamid Karzai to lead Afghanistan for the next eighteen months. Since January, Mr. Karzai has served as chairman of Afghanistan's interim government. In naming his cabinet, Mr. Karzai tried to give a role to members from every major ethnic group in Afghanistan. Joining me to talk about the Loya Jirga and what it means for Afghanistan's future are Charles Fairbanks, director of the Central Asia Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies; Elie Krakowski, a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council; and policy analyst David Isby
  • Armitage: Progress Made In Afghanistan, But More Needs To Be Done Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- "It is no longer the country it was on September 11," said Armitage in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington June 26.
  • Wolfowitz Says U.S. Dedicated to Liberation of Afghanistan Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- "We want history ultimately to judge [the United States] as having been dedicated to liberation, not occupation" in Afghanistan, said Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.
  • UN Security Council Supports Afghan Developments Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- The Security Council June 26 reiterated its strong support for Afghanistan's new Transitional Authority and its head of state, Hamid Karzai, and called on all Afghan groups to cooperate fully with the new government.

Other Conflicts

  • U.S. Looking to Israel to Play Role in Future Peace Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- In cooperation with a more democratic Palestinian government, Secretary of State Colin Powell said the United States will be looking to Israel to take steps to ensure the successful implementation of peace in the region. Speaking on the NBC Nightly News June 25, Powell said Israel would need to end the occupation of Palestinian territories, end settlement activity, and provide for a return of revenue.
  • Russia and Chechnya VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The Russian republic of Chechnya in the south Caucasus has been mired in bloody conflict since the fall of the Soviet Union. Russian forces are fighting Chechen rebels for control of what used to be one of the most beautiful regions in Russia. The conflict and the way Russian troops are fighting it, has also become a source of endless criticism for Russia's international image
  • Powell Explains President's Middle East Policy Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- Sec. of State interviewed by ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC
  • Powell / Arafat VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The State Department says the United States is not severing all contact with Yasser Arafat despite President Bush's call Monday for new leaders to guide the Palestinians toward statehood. But it says re-electing Mr. Arafat in the vote planned for January would be taking Palestinians down a "dead-end road."
  • BUSH / MIDEAST VOA 26 Jun 2002-- President Bush is pushing his Middle East peace plan at the G-8 summit in Canada.
  • MARTIN S. INDYk VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to dominate the news. On Monday, President Bush offered a new proposal for peace in the region and since then there have been mixed reactions to it. To get an insider's perspective on the proposal, VOA-TV recently interviewed Martin Indyk, Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, located here in Washington. Ambassador Indyk is a Middle East expert and former U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  • IVORY COAST / FIGHTING VOA 26 Jun 2002-- Tensions have erupted in Ivory Coast ahead of upcoming regional elections.
  • PAKISTAN / TERRORISM VOA 26 Jun 2002-- Pakistan military authorities say ten of their soldiers were killed Wednesday, in a gun battle with suspected al-Qaida fighters, in tribal areas, near the Afghan border. At least two Pakistan military officers and a number of al-Qaida fighters are reported to have been killed in the incident
  • PALESTINIAN ELECTIONS VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The Palestinian Authority has announced that presidential elections will be held next January

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Pentagon Briefing Transcript Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- Myers: In Afghanistan, Operation Mountain Lion continues. There were no unusual operational events inside Afghanistan. We did, however, put some forces on alert to respond to the firefight in Pakistan had the Pakistanis asked for help. And while U.S. forces were not involved in the fight, we appreciate the Pakistan army's efforts to locate the al Qaeda. And our condolences go out to the families of those members of the Pakistani army who lost their lives in that endeavor.
  • Strategic, Space Commands to Merge AFPS 26 Jun 2002-- The Defense Department will proceed with the merger of U.S. Space Command and U.S. Strategic Command, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld announced today.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Fact Sheet Outlines G-8 Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- Leaders of the Group of Eight (G-8) countries, meeting June 26-27 in Canada for their annual summit, released a fact sheet on ways they have cooperated to fight terrorism since the September 11 attacks against the United States.
  • JAMES G. ZUMWALT / TERROR VOA 26 Jun 2002-- The hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan gave the U-S military a chance to employ some of its newest equipment. That included use of the Global Positioning System, or G-P-S, a satellite navigation system that was designed for and is operated by the military. In Afghanistan, G-P-S was used to pinpoint targets and to help troops moving through the unfamiliar terrain know exactly where they were. However, retired U-S Marine Lieutenant Colonel James G. Zumwalt says there is a new worry relating to G-P-S. Writing in the Washington Times newspaper he says technology has been developed that could jam the system and, for example, cause missiles to miss their targets
  • Byliner: Rep. Darrell Issa on Creating A Stable Platform For Peace Washington File 26 Jun 2002-- On Monday, President Bush, the leader of the Free World, outlined a framework for peace to end Palestinian suicide bombings, Israeli incursions and the growing body count caused by this destructive conflict.

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