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29 December 1999 Military News

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  • 5,000 CIVILIANS LEFT GROZNY, BUT MILITANTS PREVENT THEM FROM LEAVING THE CITY, FIRING AT SECURITY CORRIDORS AND PLANTING MINES ON APPROACHES TO THEM RIA Novosti 29 December 1999 -- Over the past 24 hours, noted Manilov, the units of federal forces have broken the group of bandit formations into separate parts and consistently, without engaging in open clashes with terrorists, are liberating the districts of the Chechen capital from three directions.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- Chechen fighters are retreating from strategic positions in Grozny in order to reorganize their defense.
  • 'WORLD WATCHES' AS RUSSIA MOUNTS 'HOLIDAY' OFFENSIVE AGAINST GROZNY USIA Foreign Media Reaction Report December 29, 1999 The Russian army's Christmas day assault on the Chechen capital, Grozny, shifted the attention of Russia-watchers from the country's parliamentary election results back to Moscow's "ruthless" war against its breakaway republic. Despite the fighting, a minority of analysts remained rather optimistic about Russia's future and hopeful that the election outcome signaled a trend toward democracy and economic reform. However, the vast majority of observers--including some reformist papers in Moscow--had a more jaundiced view.
  • WHY DOES NOT PEACE IN CHECHNYA SUIT USA? Valentin Kunin RIA Novosti 29.12.1999 -- Washington does not even conceal its ultimate purpose of ousting Russian influence from the region and establishing its full control over Caspian oil and gas transportation routes.
  • UN investigators exhume more bodies in East Timor. Wednesday, December 29, 1999 -- The UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) is next Tuesday planning to begin excavating a total of 19 grave sites found in Liquica, west of the capital, Dili.
  • EAST TIMOR GRAVES Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- The United Nations says its police in East Timor have uncovered human remains in a mass grave that may contain as many as 54 victims.
  • SIERRA LEONE-U-N Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- The Security Council met to review U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan's request for the expansion of the U-N peacekeeping force in Sierra Leone, known as UNAMSIL.
  • NEPAL / MAOISTS Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- A Maoist underground movement operating during the past three-years says it wants to improve the living conditions of ordinary people by fighting a "people's war."
  • LANKA SECURITY Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- Sri Lanka's capital is being threatened by suspected Tamil suicide bombers as millennium celebrations approach.
  • INDONESIA / UNREST Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- Indonesia's military says it is taking over responsibility for security on the eastern island of Ambon in a bid to restore order after days of violence.
  • YEARENDER: BURUNDI REBELS Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- Continued rebel attacks prompted a massive resettlement of civilians, which in turn has resulted in outbreaks of disease in camps for displaced people.

News Reports

  • KANDAHAR-HIJACK Voice of America 29 December 1999 -- Afghanistan's Taleban movement says hijackers of an Indian airliner have dropped their demands for a 200-million-dollars ransom and the body of a Kashmiri leader who was killed in India.

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