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28 December 1999 Military News

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Other Conflicts

  • REPORT OF AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ON CHECHNYA IS BIASSED, SAYS RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY SPOKESMAN RIA Novosti 28 December 1999 -- The report of the Amnesty International on Chechnya is obviously one-sided and biassed, being in many respects based on untrustworthy information and inventions. It deliberately distorts the policy and actions of the federal authorities.
  • RUSSIA/CHECHNYA Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Russia's defense minister says federal forces have achieved a breakthrough in their march on the Chechen capital, Grozny.
  • WE DON'T USE VOLUME EXPLOSION BOMBS, MANILOV COMMENTS 28 December 1999 -- The Federal Forces haven't applied volume explosion bombs in the Chechen mountains, although they have such weapons, stated the First Deputy Chief of the Russian General staff, Colonel General Valery Manilov.
  • TURKEY / KURDS Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- A semblance of peace is returning to Turkey's largely Kurdish southeastern region as rebels of the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party obey a call by its imprisoned leader to end their armed campaign for independence.
  • IVORY COAST Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Ivory Coast's new ruler, Robert Guei, has met with foreign diplomats in an effort to build support in the face of widespread foreign criticism of the coup that brought him to power last week and ended nearly four decades of civilian rule.
  • INDONESIA / UNREST Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Sporadic violence continued Tuesday in the Malukan provincial capital of Ambon. The rampages are adding to the death and injury toll from the strife between Christians and Muslims that began last week on the nearby island of Buru.
  • YEARENDER: CHECHNYA WAR, PART TWO Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- James Ron, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, who interviewed hundreds of victims, says the evidence clearly indicates Russia is using indiscriminate force in Chechnya.
  • AFGHANISTAN: A CENTENIAL REVIEW Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Afghanistan is a very hard country to conquer by foreigners, but for the same reason it is very hard country to rule by its own people.

News Reports

  • INDIA HIJACK Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Hijackers holding 160-hostages onboard an Indian Airlines plane in Kandahar, Afghanistan have dramatically increased their demands.
  • PLANE HIJACKING Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- The plane has been parked on the runway in Kandahar for four days. Members of an Indian delegation have been negotiating almost continuously with the hijackers of the Indian airliner.
  • INDIA / HOSTAGE FAMILIES Voice of America 28 December 1999 -- Most of the hostages on the Indian Airlines plane are Indian nationals and in recent days their relatives have become increasingly critical of the Indian government for not doing enough to end the crisis.

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