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Busan Storage Center
Pusan Storage Facility

The Busan Storage Center (previously the Pusan Storage Facility; Pusan is also written Busan) near Camp Carroll, Korea, was a little-known Army asset that handled a big soldier-support mission. The Pusan Storage Facility was essentially a civilian operated organization at Pusan Harbor's Pier 6, about 3 miles from Pier 8. BSC occupies 57 acres of land consisting of the Supply Management Division, Storage Division, Quality Control/Quality Assurance Division, 6th KSC Company and several Tenant Units.

U.S. Army Busan Storage Center mission included the following:

  • Responsibility for exercising the functions of Command, Training, Security, Administration, Supply and Services for the facility and assigned/attached/tenant personnel.
  • Responsibility for depot operations of receiving, storing, quality assurance, care of supplies in storage and issuing subsistence, general, project and war reserve stocks (water, fuel and clothing (packaged), building materials, and personal demand items), in support of US Forces, Korea.
  • To provide DS/GS level maintenance, represervation and storage of USFK tentage stocks.
  • Responsibility for receipt and distribution of KATUSA Comfort Kits.
  • To provides the Installation Transportation Office function of scheduling cargo line haul movement in excess of 15 miles from the consignor for USFK units within area IV.
  • To provides planning input to 20th Support Group and Area IV for Non-combatant Evacuation Operations; Rear Battle/Damage Control; and all Go-To-War Plans/Contingencies. Executes Plans/Contingencies on order.

All supplies to shelter and feed soldiers in Korea, from MREs to a tent repair facility, transited there. The PSF was managed by the Material Support Center, a division of the 19th Theater Army Area Command. A 30-day war contingency supply of MREs to support all military forces in Korea was also warehoused at the PSF. Lumber, petroleum, fog oil and other war-contingency items were also stockpiled at Pusan. Constant rotation was essential to ensure soldiers in the field get the best supplies available.

All line items for AAFES stores and shoppettes were warehoused at the PSF. The military cold food storage and chilling facility handled frozen foods and cold items like produce and eggs. All the frozen food for prepared meals for US Forces Korea (USFK) personnel was stored at the Pusan facility before it was distributed to the units throughout Korea for use in their dining facilities. Seven to 10 trucks hauled items to commissaries and dining facilities throughout Korea about 5 days a week. Tent repair contractors sewed, waterproofed and replaced missing parts of tents, then put them back into storage to be reissued, ensuring soldiers would have roofs over their heads in the field. Tactical maps of Korea were made and stored at an element of the Defense Mapping Agency. Toiletry kits for KATUSA soldiers were assembled and shipped from the Pusan Storage Facility. KATUSAs were paid very little money, but each received an assortment of essential items like shaving cream and razors in what resembled a "care package."

The history of the US Army Busan Storage Center dates back to the early stages of the Korean War when the 55th Quarter Base Depot, based in Shinagawa, on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, arrived in Korea in the latter part of August 1950. It established it's Headquarters and Staff Elements on the present site of PSF, with the mission of providing Quartermaster items and equipment support to Eighth United States Army/US Forces.

In May 1955, the 55th Quartermaster Base Depot was relocated to Bupyong (ASCOM city), subsequently named Camp Market. The 142nd Quartermaster Battalion was moved from Masan and assumed the mission of providing Quartermaster support to US/UN Forces in the Southern area plus Class I perishable support for all US Forces in Korea. In January 1963, the 142nd Quartermaster Battalion was deactivated and the US Army Pusan Depot was established under the Command of the Pusan District Command.

In October 1965, the USA Pusan Depot was deactivated and the missions and functions transferred to the Directorate for Supply and Maintenance, USA Pusan Base Command. In March 1970, this activity was redesignated the Pusan Depot Activity and placed under the operational control of the USA Depot, Camp Carroll.

In August 1977, the Pusan Depot Activity was redesignated as the USA Pusan Storage Facility as a major subordinate command under the 19th Support Command. In October 1986, the Pusan Storage Facility was placed under the 34th Support Group for administration and UCMJ and remained under operational control of the 19th Support Command.

On 1 April 1993, Pusan Storage Facility was realigned from the 20th ASG to Materiel Support Center-Korea (MSC-K). C ommander, MSC-K provided functional and operational guidance to PSF.

On 31 May 2007, the Pusan Storage Facility was renamed the Busan Storage Center, and a civilian with the title "Manager" was named as the head of the facility.

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