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Niblo Barracks

Niblo Barracks was named after Brigadier General Urban Niblo, an ordnance officer in Italy in World War II and in Korea who died in 1957. He was inducted into the Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame in 1969. That equipment and ordnance supplies were available to the United States forces in Korea in the first months of the war was largely due to the "roll-up" plan of the Far East Command. It called for the reclamation of ordnance items from World War II in the Pacific island outposts and their repair or reconstruction in Japan. This plan had been conceived and started in 1948 by Brig. General Urban Niblo, Ordnance Officer of the Far East Command.

When the Hannam Village housing facilities were constructed in 1982, Niblo Barracks became associated with those facilities.

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