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Hannam Village

Hannam Village is the primary enlisted family housing area for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving on Yongsan or in the Seoul Area. A village within itself, Hannam contains all the amenities of a small neighborhood town to include a mini-mall, small post exchange; commissary, chapel, fitness center, library, outdoor swimming pool, and snack bar. There is also a softball field and other recreational facilities. Hannam is located about 10 minutes by car (depending on traffic) or a 20 minute walk from Yongsan Main Post and South Post. Bus service runs from Hannam Village to Yongsan Garrison.

Hannam Village is a leased housing area operated by the Korea National Housing Corporation for enlisted personnel E-8 and below and company grade officers 0-1 to 0-3 and WO's 1 to 3 located about two miles from Yongsan Garrison.

Built in 1982, the Hannam Village complex has low-rise and high-rise buildings for family occupancy. Due to the limited amount of space, pets are not allowed in Hannam Village.

The quality of the residences at Hannam Village was a major issue between 2000 and 2008. As of 2006, each year the housing corporation was required to spend 3 percent of USFK's entire lease payment on quality-of-life improvements at the military's discretion. Some projects included new playground equipment, shelters for barbecue areas, sliding glass doors and windows and mini-blinds for all the units.

Additionally, the US military spent some of its own money trying to make life at Hannam better. Some of the housing units were low-rise apartments. The military spent $4.4 million renovating and enlarging some of those units in 2002.

The issue of lead based paint used in the facilities came up in May 2007, despite the US Army insisting it had dealt with the problem 10 years prior. Drinking water samples in Hannam village tested positive for Mercury, a fact it later turned out had been discovered in April 2007.

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