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Camp Kwangsari (Kwang Sa-Ri)

Camp Kwangsari was turned over to the Republic of Korea between 2005 and the end of the 2006 with the end of the War Reserves Stocks for Allies - Korea (WRSA-K) program. However, management of all ammunition in US Forces Korea Area I continued to be done at Camp Kwangsari by the 17th Ordnance Company, 6th Ordnance Battalion after the transfer. The host unit at the facility became the 56th Ordnance Battalion, 2nd Military Supply Headquarters, Republic of Korea Army.

The United States relied on a wartime host nation support concept that stored wartime ammunition for US units and wartime ammunition that the US Government would hand over to the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). This program was referred to as the War Reserves Stocks for Allies - Korea. Under this concept during wartime, 6 units with 15 soldiers and varying number of Korean National (KN) and Korean Service Corps (KSC) members were supposed to provide the ammunition support for the theater until real direct support (DS) ammunition companies arrive in country.

As of the late 1990s these 15-soldier units were not authorized the materials handling equipment (MHE) needed to move and handle the ammunition. With only 15 personnel weapons, these units relied on the Koreans for base defense as well as to provide personnel and the MHE to move the ammunition. During peacetime, the mission of the wartime host nation support units was to act as liaisons between US units needing ammunition and the Korean units who store the ammunition.

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