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Camp Coiner

Located in Seoul City approximately 3 kilometers from the Seoul Train Station, the camp has buildings and an installation property valued in excess of $1 million dollars. The 8th Personnel Command commander concurrently serves as Installation Commander of Camp Coiner. Its primary mission was to support its tenant units.

Camp Coiner was named after 2nd Lt. Randall Coiner, Signal Corps, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Division, who was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for action near Sokkagae on 16 April 1953. The camp was memorialized on 18 January 1967.

It was occupied by elements of 8th PERSCOM, 8th MP Brigade, 17th Aviation Brigade and 1st Signal Brigade. During the Japanese occupatoin, Camp Coiner housed a horse-drawn artillery unit. Camp Coiner was acquired by U.S. forces along with the Yongsan compound on 11 September 1948.

Major tenants included HQ 8th Personnel Command, Contracting Command Korea (CCK) and barracks for personnel from 17th Aviation Brigade, 8th Military Police Brigade, 1st Signal Brigade, 8th Personnel Command and the Air Force Element. Camp Coiner was adjacent to and north of Yongsan Garrison Main Post in the nortwest part of the Republic of Korea. Camp Coiner was a 55.16-acre tract of land and receives utilities and waste treatment facilities with Yongsan Garrison.

The major contracting location in Seoul was Yongsan Garrison. Major contracting offices in Seoul at Yongsan and the Far East District compound were located close to subway stations. Camp Coiner was tucked into a corner of Yongsan, the US military installation in Seoul. The Assistant Chief of Staff Acquisition Management was a staff office within both United States Forces Korea and Eighth United States Army. The Staff Principal also was Commander of the US Army Contracting Command and the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting. The office was physically located on Camp Coiner in Yongsan in the annex of building 1130.

The 106th Med Det (VS) sponsored Overseas Deployment Training for USAR units, and deployed its PROFIS personnel annually. These personnel lived in a field environment when deploying to Korea. ODT units deploy to Korea in conjunction with a major USFK exercise. Typically these individuals flew into Osan AFB or Seoul Kimpo International airport. The exercise Joint Reception Center provided transportation to Camp Coiner. These individuals usually spent one night in tent city during in-processing before being released to the 106th.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in September 2002 for new construction of a 4-story enlisted barraces and a new Community Activities Center to be configured on Camp Coiner as Campus Coiner. The CAC would include 3 basketball courts, indoor swimming pool, free weight room, and an all new dining facility. Most Quonset Hut facilities had been destroyed by that time with only a few remaining. Renovation of older barracks facilities and construction of new enlisted barrackes buildings were on-going projects for Camp Coiner.

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