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919th Special Operations Wing [919th SOW]

The 919th Special Operations Wing is the only special operations wing in the Air Force Reserve. The unit is located at Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field 3, FL, (Duke Field) six miles south of Crestview, Fla. It employs approximately 1,200 reservists and 300 full-time civil service employees. The annual payroll is more than $28 million, with 75 percent of the reservists living in the four-county area of Northwest Fla. around Duke Field.

In peacetime, the 919th SOW reports to the Air Force Reserve Command's Tenth Air Force at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas. When mobilized during a war or contingency, the 919th SOW reports to Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, FL, as its gaining major command.

The wing employs approximately 1,300 Air Force reservists and 300 full-time employees. It is comprised of three groups, nine squadrons and one flight. The 919th Operations Group has three squadrons. The 919th Operations Support Squadron oversees the daily flying operations for the wing. The 5th Special Operations Squadron flies the MC-130P Combat Shadow aircraft, and the 711th Special Operations Squadron flies the MC-130E Combat Talon I aircraft.

The Combat Shadow has a primary mission of refueling special operations helicopters and has a secondary mission of air-dropping special operations personnel and equipment. The MC-130E Combat Talon's primary mission is infiltration and exfiltration of people and equipment in or out of a combat zone. Its secondary mission is aerial helicopter refueling.

The 919th Logistics Group has two squadrons-the 919th Maintenance Squadron and the 919th Logistics Support Squadron. The 919th Support Group has three squadrons and one flight reporting: The 919th Civil Engineer Squadron, the 919th Mission Support Squadron, the 919th Security Forces Squadron, and the 719th Communications Flight.

The 919th Medical Squadron reports to the 919th SOW commander. When mobilized, the squadron provides manpower augmentation for a 50-bed air transportable hospital or may be used to augment a hospital or a field medical treatment facility. A flight surgeon and two medical technicians also train to deploy with each of the flying squadrons. During Air Force Reserve training functions, the medical squadron provides unit reservists with immunizations and required physical examinations. The squadron also supports Humanitarian Civic Action programs with deployments to South America and Central America.

The 919th SOW has eight MC-130E Combat Talon I aircraft and five MC-130P Combat Shadow aircraft assigned.

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