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4th Air Operations Support Group [4th ASOG]

The mission of the 4th Air Support Operations Group is to provide operations and tactical Command and Control of aerospace power in the EUCOM AOR as EUCOM's only combat TACPs and ASOC.

The 4th ASOG is also tasked with maximizing air-ground integration while achieving Army-Air Force joint team objectives.

The 4th ASOG is composed of 281 personnel and associated mobile Command and Control equipment at eleven Army installations in Germany and Italy and is directly responsible for the effective employment of all aspects of aerospace power during joint/combined air-ground operations with the US Army and NATO ground forces in Europe and Africa.

The unit provides a Theater Air Control System, which includes the only US Air Support Operations Center and subordinate Tactical Air Control Parties in the European theater.

The history of the 4th Air Support Operations Group can be traced back to its activation on 15 May, 1942, as the 4th Communications Squadron, Air Support, at Hamilton Field, CA. Soon after, the unit moved to Camp Young, CA, where the squadron trained in code, radio theory and maintenance, vehicle operation and maintenance under field conditions, and Army ground force organization.

On November 5, 1943, the squadron sailed to the United Kingdom and arrived in Clyde, Scotland, on 16 November, 1943. In April 1944, communications teams were assigned for duty with Headquarters, First US Army. Teams began moving to France with Army Air Force fighter groups by late June 1944. In mid-July, the squadron joined the collocated command post of HQ XIX Tactical Air Command and HQ Third US Army, at Nehou, France, where it provided communications between the respective ground units and headquarters of XIX Tactical Air Command. They also provided ground-to-air communications to direct the aircraft sent in support of the ground unit.

The squadron remained with Third US Army units in their drive eastward and, later northward across France, to assist First US Army units in the Battle of the Bulge, and the subsequent drive into Germany. After the war ended in May1945, teams reassembled at Erlangen, Germany. The squadron was deactivated on June 5, 1947.

The 601st Air Support Operations Center Group activated on March 15, 1984. Collocated at Frankfurt, West Germany, with the US Army Europe's V Corps Headquarters, the unit advised the V Corps Commander and staff on capabilities, limitations, and employment of tactical airpower and provided the V Corps with an air support operations center. The unit managed the tactical air control parties provided for the Corps' combat maneuver units as part of the tactical air control system supporting the US Army Europe. The unit was redesignated the 601st Air Support Operations Group on May 1,1985 and the 4th Air Support Operations Group March 1, 1988. The group was inactivated July 1, 1994, and activated at Heidelberg, Germany on August 1, 1996.

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