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Strike/Missile Defense SAG

Three deployed Strike/Missile Defense SAGs in PACOM and Middle East provide sea-based, mobile missile defense shield (far term) with independent, immediate crisis response or pre-emptive strike capability.approximately 108 TLAMs.

Detailed campaign analyses, focused on scenarios involving Korea, Iran and the Taiwan Straits (and reflecting the anti-access strategies and capabilities of potential adversaries), have shown that sea based missile defense will be a critical mission in the early days of future major conflicts. Those analyses have also shown that ships with weapon loads tailored for that mission are critical to minimizing the number of assets devoted to the mission.

The Global CONOPS addresses this critical mission by forming independent surface action groups of three ships each. Two AEGIS ships loaded preferentially with missile defense weapons, and another ship, preferably AEGIS, to provide full spectrum protection for the task force.

There is no identified program to build a sea-based Missile Defense capability. Recent Missile Defense Agency experimental success in the use of sea based missile defense assets confirms our view of both the feasibility and desirability of rapidly developing and deploying this capability and we want to work hand in hand with MDA to do so. The platforms will be there, the overall CONOPS will be there, the Navy just needs the MDA developed capability to take charge of and build into the Fleet.

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