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Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 206

Navy Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit (MIUWU) 206 and Coast Guard Port Security Unit (PSU) 307, collectively known as Naval Coastal Warfare, traveled to Kuwait Naval Base and the port of Ash Shyuabah Jan. 29, 2004 to safeguard the vital supply chain as it transitions from ship to shore and prepares for the journey north to Iraq.

MIUWU 206's mission was to provide 24/7 surveillance in harbors and ocean areas that a high-value asset or Navy ship might anchor, to patrol in boats with weapons that can go out and protect the ship, and to man weapons stations on shore so that anybody approaching those vessels can be engaged. Both MIUWU 206 and PSU 307 units bring unique capabilities, assets and personalities that, when combined, provide a synergistic force that ensures the safety of high-value U.S. assets.

The MIUWU has a variety of highly mobile sensor platforms capable of reconfiguring at a moment's notice to meet the needs of the mission. Vehicle-mounted radars, infrared and visual sensors are widely dispersed and linked by microwave and radio. Various gun points and fighting positions are established along the shoreline and pier to provide a multi-layered defense to compliment the patrol craft on the water.

MIUWU 206 will return home in early March 2004.

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