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Installation Commanders (ICs) are assigned overall responsibility for the performance of installation operations and assigned MFT. ICs are supported in performing this mission by regional PMs. PMs provide specific support and technical management/oversight/task direction of assigned functions. ICs are the Responsible Officers in Command of their installations.

A key organizing concept is that Installation Commanders are responsible for those duties normally associated with command for both the IC staff and their assigned Regional PM staff. The intent is not to create separate and distinct overhead requirements for overseeing installations and managing programs, but to have a single unified command organization that fulfills both requirements (e.g., each IC will have a single administrative support organization, Command Master Chief, etc.)

For commands reporting to a COMNAVREG in an ADDU capacity as regional PMs (i.e., PWC Norfolk, NCTAMSLANT, FISC Norfolk), command responsibilities and duties for regional programs are executed from within existing manpower resources resident at the respective commands. For those installations reporting to a COMNAVREG who are geographically remote (e.g., NAS Keflavik, NAVSUPSTA Mechanicsburg), Installation Management (IM) functions will be fully performed by those organizations within current assigned resources.

As the IC and Responsible Line Officer in Command for the installation, the following responsibilities are assigned:

  • Responsible for station operations; base appearance; and maintaining good order and discipline on the installation
  • Responsible for the safety, welfare and protection of personnel and property assigned
  • Responsible for the Installation Mission and Tasking; coordinates activities across functional PM lines to meet installation mission and tasking requirements
  • Act as COMNAVREG's representative; conduct/coordinate liaison with local municipal governments and communities and support federal visits/responses for assigned geographic area
  • Act as advocate for installation personnel, tenants and customers
  • Manage the Installation Commander Operations Target (OPTAR). The Regional Resources Service Office, as the single, centralized regional Comptroller and manpower resource manager, will provide technical assistance, policy guidance and direct support to assist the IC in managing funding and manpower resources
  • Serve as regional Executive Steering Committee (ESC) member
  • Coordinate with Regional Program Managers in the performance of installation mission
  • Assess quality of BOS services at the installation; provide oversight and advocacy for tenant support
  • Coordinate functional storefronts on the installation with PM to ensure effective delivery of program services
  • Exercise military jurisdiction over those military and civilian personnel assigned to the installation UIC
  • Prepare concurrent Fitness Reports/enlisted evaluations/ civilian performance appraisals for ADDU functional storefront personnel as directed. The senior PM responsible individual, military or civilian, will have an ADDU reporting relationship with the Installation Commander. The IC will coordinate PM support through this individual and provide assessment through the evaluation/appraisal process (concurrent evaluation for military, input into performance appraisal for civilians) of support provided.
  • Integrate requirements at the installation level between PMs during budget calls and mandatory reviews
  • Exercise installation exclusion and removal authority

The IC will provide several specific programs/functions, supporting, as necessary, both the installation military and civilian assigned to the specific PM/IC and those regional program manager personnel who work onboard the installation. Provide consolidated people programs - DAPA, Career Counseling, Physical Readiness Testing, General Military Training, Command Financial Specialist, Command Managed Equal Opportunity, Indoctrination, Family Advocacy Program liaison and Urinalysis Testing for all PM personnel assigned to work onboard the installation. Installation level Public Affairs support - Where no public affairs assets are assigned, serve as advisor on all public affairs matters, implement regional PA policy, execute installation level program/planning. Supports all program managers with resources assigned to the installation.

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