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Great White Fleet

Ships of the Great White Fleet
From Hampton Roads to San Francisco

Composition of the fleet during the first leg of the cruise (from Hampton Roads to San Francisco):

Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans, commanding

 First Squadron
First Division
BB-18 Connecticut-class
Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans, commanding
BB 18 Connecticut, flagship of the Commander in Chief.
Captain Hugo Osterhaus
BB 21 Kansas
Captain Charles E. Vreeland
BB 20 Vermont
Captain William P. Potter
BB 19 Louisiana
Captain Richard Wainwright
Second Division
BB-13 Virginia-class
Rear Admiral William H. Emory, commanding
BB 15 Georgia, flagship of Divisional Commander
Captain Henry McCrea
BB 16 New Jersey
Captain William H. H. Southerland
BB 17 Rhode Island
Captain Joseph B. Murdock
BB 13 Virginia
Captain Seaton Schroeder

Second Squadron
Third Division
3 - BB-10 Maine-class
1 - BB-18 Connecticut-class
Rear Admiral Charles M. Thomas, commanding
BB 22 Minnesota,
flagship of Squadron Commander
Captain John Hubbard
BB 10 Maine
Captain Giles B. Harber
BB 11 Missouri
Captain Greenlief A. Merriam
BB 12 Ohio
Captain Charles W. Bartlett
Fourth Division
Rear Admiral Charles S. Sperry, commanding
BB 8 Alabama, flagship of Squadron Commander
Captain Ten Eyck DeW. Veeder
USS Illinois
Captain John M. Bowyer
USS Kearsarge
Captain Hamilton Hutchins
USS Kentucky
Captain Walter C. Cowles

Fleet Auxiliaries

USS Culgoa (storeship, Hampton Roads to Manila)
Lt. Commander John B. Patton
USS Glacier (storeship)
Commander William S. Hogg
USS Panther (repair ship)
Commander Valentine S. Nelson
USS Yankton (tender)
Lt. Walter R. Gherardi
USS Relief (hospital ship)

"Torpedo Flotilla" of Destroyers

Lt. Alfred G. Howe
Lt. Julius F. Hellweg
Lt. Frank McCommon
Lt. Charles S. Kerrick
Lt. Ernest Friedrick
Lt. Hutch I. Cone
Arethusa (torpedo flotilla tender)
Commander Albert W. Grant

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