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Research, Development and Engineering Command [RDECOM]

With the reorganization on October 9, 2003 of Soldier and Chemical Biological Defense Command (SBCCOM), the Army Materiel Command established a new major subordinate command (MSC) with the goal of integrating and speeding the development of emerging technologies across AMC. The Research, Development and Engineering Command, the MSC was made provisional 01 October 2002. Initial plans call for each of the research, development and engineering centers [RDECOM] currently assigned to individual AMC MSCs, as well as the Army Research Laboratory and part of the Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command, to be pulled together under the RDE Command by June 2003.

The mission of the RDE Command is to field technologies that will sustain America's Army as the premier land force in the world. The RDE Command responds rapidly by integrating, maturing and demonstrating all emerging technologies to field the right equipment, in the shortest time, for our soldiers. The final location of the headquarters for the new command has not been determined.

The RDE Command vastly expands working relationships with other Army elements, industry, academia, other services, other government agencies and international partners. The initial plan brings together in a single organization the Army Research Laboratory, part of the Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command, the Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity, and each of the AMC Research, Development and Engineering Centers, currently assigned to AMC MSCs. The addition of these various elements to the RDE Command will be gradual. No movement or loss of assigned personnel is anticipated.

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