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Nebraska Army National Guard

The Nebraska Army National Guard maintains 31 armories, and is present in 31 communities.

A total of 59 members of the Nebraska Army National Guard's 24th Medical Company deployed to Bosnia from February-September 1999. It was the second unit made up of Nebraska and Kansas Army Guard members to deploy to the troubled region, replacing a similar unit from the California Army Guard. The unit is assigned the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. While in Bosnia the unit performed many different life-saving missions including rescuing NATO soldiers trapped in a minefield.

Some 300 Nebraska Army National Guardsmen from the 67th Forward Support Battalion and the 1057th Light/Medium Truck Company spent this summer helping Hondurans recover from Hurricane Mitch. As part of New Horizons '99, soldiers provided maintenance, medical, refueling, supply and chaplain support for National Guard engineers from Louisiana and Missouri. Tasks included rebuilding bridges and roads in the mountainous northern region of Honduras.

Nebraska Army and Air National Guardsmen received some welcome news in May 1999 when they learned that Governor Mike Johanns signed legislation increasing the Guard's tuition assistance program from 50 to 75 percent. Johanns said the law was a fitting tribute to roles the members of the Nebraska National Guard play within the state and around the world.

As of late January 2002, the 67th Brigade, 35th Infantry Division (Mechanized), had been redesignated as the 67th Area Support Group.

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