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67th Area Support Group

As of late January 2002, the 67th Infantry Brigade had been redesignated as the 67th Area Support Group.

The 195th Armor Battalion of the Nebraska National Guard, a subordinate unit of the 67th Infantry Brigade, deactivated on Sunday September 2, 2001. Its elements were redesignated as the 734th Transportation Battalion (Motor Support).

The 134th Infantry Regiment, Nebraska's only infantry unit, inactivated on August 18, 2001. Its component, the 1st battalion was to be reorganized into transportation and chemical reconnaissance and decontamination units.

As of mid-2001, the process which had started in central Nebraska was four years along, and the regiment's 1-195th Armor and 67th Forward Support battalions were in various stages of transition.

Theses change comes as a result of the restructuring of the National Guard's to better meet the needs and requirements of the regular Army, and is one step in a seven-year process aimed at transforming the 67th Infantry Brigade into a support group.

One benefit from this transformation would be the possibility of recruiting women into what were previsouly combat units. Another benefit would be an increase in the number of military vehicles present in the state and therefore available in case of emergency.

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