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92nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team

During World War II and on up to the time of the Korean War, the US Army was racially segregated. The 295th, 296th, and 65th Infantry regiments were all formations consisting mostly of Puerto Rican enlisted men and Continental American officers.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was authorized on 16 June 1964. The colors blue and white are used for Infantry. The blue area and white wavy base (Waves) refer to the Caribbean and the white disc to the Island of Puerto Rico, the white disc also simulating a pearl, Puerto Rico being known as the "Pearl of the Antilles." The furison, a steel device for striking against flint to create a fire, is an ancient heraldic symbol and simulates a battle sight on a rifle. Furisons also form links in the collar (chain) of the Order of the Golden Fleece, the foremost Spanish order of chivalry, and refer to the discovery and settlement of Puerto Rico by the Spanish. In this instances, the blue area within the furison refers to San Juan Harbor, the opening between the arms of the furison alluding to "puerto" a harbor and the yellow (gold) furison itself to the surrounding land area and natural opulence (rico) of the island. The cross on the furison alludes to San Juan and appears on the banner in the crest of the Puerto Rican National Guard. The cross in this instance is red, yellow (gold) and red being the colors of Spain.

The distinctive unit insignia was authorized for the noncolor bearing units of the 92d Infantry Brigade on 19 April 1967, with the motto amended on 12 Jun 1967. The red sentry tower was suggested by El Morro at San Juan and the yellow disc alludes to the tropical sun, red and yellow also being the colors of the Spanish who discovered and first settled in Puerto Rico. The machetes refer to the cutting of sugar cane, a major source of wealth in the Island, and are also extremely effective offensive weapons. Crossed in front of the sentry tower, they allude to constant vigilance and readiness to defend Puerto Rico. Blue, red and yellow are also the colors of the three major combat arms and the motto "A Lo Que Vinimos" which may roughly be translated "On Our Way" reflects the intensity of power and the spirit of the Brigade.

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