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917th Corps Support Group
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The 917th Corps Support Group, headquartered in Belton, Missouri, has command and control responsibility for non-medical USAR units in Missouri and eastern Kansas. The group's mobilization mission is to provide the full spectrum of Combat Service Support to an Army corps; along with maintain its assigned units in ready status, the group headquarters must be prepared to deploy and perform this mission.

The 917th Corps Support Group is a leading management organization that oversees logistical support. The Group offers numerous opportunities to get specialized training in several growth industries, such as: digital communication, distribution and supply management, information management, media illustration, petroleum management, security management and transportation management. 917th Corps Support Group soldiers traditionally have more choices for annual training than other units.

The metropolitan area of Kansas City encompasses three counties in Missouri and two counties in Kansas. Military commands are located in both states. The 917th Corps Support Group (USAR), and Marine Corps commands are located at the Richards-Gebaur Memorial Airport in Belton. There are numerous cities and towns that make up the metropolitan area.

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