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801st Brigade Support Battalion
801st Main Support Battalion

In 2004 the 101st Airborne Division began transitioning to the US Army's new modular force structure. As a result the previous 101st Division Support Command was deactivated, its roles passed to Brigade Support Battalions attached to each of the resulting Modular Division's 4 brigades. 801st Main Support Battalion was also deactivated, being reactived as the 801st Brigade Support Battalion, assigned to the 4th Brigade Combat Team.

The mission of the 801st Brigade Support Battalion is to on order, rapidly deploy by land, sea or air and provides integrated combat service and health support to elements of the 4th Brigade Combat Team/506th Regimental Combat Team IOT conduct full spectrum operations, COIN, or homeland defense missions. It is organized into a Headquarters and Headquarters Company and 3 integral companies (Supply, Maintenance, and Medical), as well as Forward Support Companies attached to the other Battalions in the Brigade.

The 801st Main Support Battalion (MSB) was organic to the 101st Airbrone Division's Divisional Support Command (DISCOM). 801st MSB consisted of a headquarters and supply company, a transportation company, two maintenance companies, a medical company, and 95th TMDE. The battalion provided direct support logistics and Division level HSS to Divisional, and in some cases non-Divisional, units located in the Division rear area. 801st MSB provided water points in the Division and brigade support areas for the purification operations. The battalion provided motor transport for supplies and personnel in support of Division operations. It also provided DS maintenance and common/missile repair parts supply support. In medical, the 801st MSB provided Echelon I and II HSS on an area basis for units in the Division rear.

The history of the 801st Main Support Battalion began with the activation of the 801st Airborne Ordnance Company on 2 October 1942. During World War II, the 801st established shop operations at Reading, England. On 6 June 1944, elements of the company landed in France by glider while remaining personnel arrived at Utah Beach on D-Day in the famous defense in Bastogne. The company was inactivated at Auxere, France on 30 November 1945.

In June 1956, the 801st Battalion was activated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In the spring of 1966, a contingent of the Battalion deployed to South Vietnam in support of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. The entire Battalion deployed to Vietnam in 1967. The 801st occupied both Camp Eagle and the Phuy Bai Combat base.

On 19 January 1988, the 801st was designated the 801st Maintenance Battalion (Air Assault). On 27 August 1990, the Battalion deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of the 101st Airborne Division and Operation Desert Shield. During Operation Desert Storm, the 801st participated in the largest Air Assault operation history. Elements of the 801st moved deep into Iraq in support of the 101st's assault into the Euphrates Valley. The 801st Maintenance Battalion redeployed to Fort Campbell on 11 April 1991. In October 1992, the 801st reorganized as a Main Support Battalion.

In June 1993 the Battalion activated the 79th Quartermaster Detachment (Mortuary Affairs) and the 291st Quartermaster Detachment (Water). In September 1993 the 79th QM Detachment deployed to Somalia to support UN Forces in Operation Restore Hope. In November 1994 the battalion activated the 4/647th Quartermaster Detachment, (Aerial Equipment Supply).

The 801st MSB had a significant increase in optempo starting in 1994 when it started supporting three Joint Readiness Training Center Rotations, a National Training Center Rotation, Division Warfighter Exercise, and emergency support to the local community during a disabling ice storm.

In October 1996, the Field Surgical Team of E Company, 801st MSB deployed to Bosnia in support of Operation Join Endeavor.

As of late 2001, the Battalion also had soldiers deployed to Bosnia, the Sinai, and Saudi Arabia.

In March of 2002, elements of the battalion played a major role in Operation Anaconda in the Shahi-Kot Valley, in Afghanistan conducting support to 1st Battalion during combat operations at the highest elevation that the United States Army has fought in to date. In February 2003, the battalion deployed to Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. From Kuwait, the battalion moved north and established Forward Area Refueling and Supply points at SHELL enabling all of the Division's ground and aviation assets to conduct deep attacks on the Iraqi regime. The battalion moved further north to Mosul, Iraq to begin Support Operations for the Division.

801st Main Support Battalion returned home from Iraq in February 2003, and was reorganized as the 801st Brigade Support Battalion for the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), on 16 August 2004. This followed the transition of the entire 101st Airborne Division to the US Army's new modular force structure. As a result the 101st Division Support Command was deactivated, its units being distributed between the 101st Sustainment Brigade and Brigade Support Battalions assigned to each of the Division's four brigades.

The Battalion deployed again in November 2005 to Baghdad, Iraq, where it served with distinction as part of the 4th Infantry Division. After providing more than 5 million gallons of fuel, processed over 14,000 MROs of repair parts, subsistence, and supplies, and provided health care services to over 8,000 soldiers and civilians, the 801st Brigade Support Battalion returned as heroes to Fort Campbell, in November 2006.

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