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729th Brigade Support Battalion

The 729 Brigade Support Battalion was approved to transition from the 29th Infantry Division Division Support Command (DISCOM) to the 58th Brigade Combat Team on 3 September, 2006. The unit's move from DISCOM to the newly stood up 58th BCT was approved as part of the Army's transformation to self sustained and more mobile modular brigades.

In June 2006 the unit deployed to southern California to aid and bolster the U.S. Border Patrol and to strengthen homeland defense efforts. THe 729th Brigade Support Battalion, 58th Brigade Combat Team from the Maryland Army National Guard comprised the majority of the task force sent to Souther California. The soldiers together with other National Guard components including other military services and govenment agencies worked to create and repair observations points, roads, fencing and equipment, and barriers. Their efforts were aimed at improving homeland security by bolstering border patrol capabilities and efficiency and thwarting territorial incursion by illegal immigrants and drug traffickers.

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