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6th Aviation Brigade

The FORSCOM aviation units are aligned with each of the corps based in the Continental United States. Each corps is organized with a Corps Aviation Brigade in addition to the organic divisional aviation assets. The mix of AC and RC aviation units vary with each brigade.

The III Corps Aviation Brigade, 6th Aviation Brigade, consists of the 63d Aviation Group (Lift) and the 385th Aviation Group (Attack).

The 63d Aviation Group (Lift) is composed of one command aviation battalion, one general support aviation battalion, one assault helicopter battalion, one light utility helicopter battalion, and one air traffic service battalion from the ARNG.

The 385th Aviation Group (Attack) has two Active Component attack battalions (forward deployed to Korea), and one USAR attack battalion.

The Corps aviation brigade is supported by one aviation intermediate maintenance battalion from the ARNG. The AC and RC aviation mix is 4 percent AC, 77 percent ARNG, and 19 percent USAR.

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