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694th Maintenance Battalion

The 694th Maintenance Battalion is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. It is a DS/GS Maintenance Unit with 3 subordinate units in the area.

The "Platinum Wrench" training is an Army Reserve exercise that includes soldiers from three maintenance units working together at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Reservists train, and other units benefit, as mechanic teams maintain, refurbish and convert military equipment designed for material handling and ground support. Directed by the US Army Reserve Command, citizen-soldiers, from the 499th Maintenance Company, Fort Tilden, NY, the 237th Maintenance Company, Fort Totten, NY, and the 694th Maintenance Battalion, San Antonio, Texas, ply their skills in three increments of two weeks annual training at the New Jersey post---one of three locales for the nationwide training exercise. Other reserve soldiers are participating in "Platinum Wrench" at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin and Fort Hunter-Liggett, California.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 27 November 1967, consisting of a gold chevron supporting a white enamel star above a blue enamel hexagon bearing four gold billets per cross, all supported by a red enamel scroll which passes under the ends of the chevron and beneath the hexagon and touches the sides of the star below the cross arms and the top of the chevron, and bears the inscription "STAR OF SUPPORT" on its lower portion in gold letters. Crimson and light blue are the colors used for Maintenance Battalions. The star identifies the unit as a COSTAR support organization and also alludes to the "Lone Star" state, the unit's home site. The chevron implies support and authority and denotes the basic mission of the unit. The billets are used to symbolize technology and administration, the hexagon representing the mechanical and tooling phase as well as the two to six maintenance companies commanded and directed by the organization. The motto defines the determined goal of the unit.

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