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644th Area Support Group

Headquarters, 644th Area Support Group provides command and control of four Battalions with companies in three states. The commander delegates many important tasks, such as personnel administration, operations, and supply to a group of staff officers who report directly to him, and act on his behalf. This leaves him time to attend necessary briefings and the critical tasks of command.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 31 October 2000, consisting of dark blue disc bearing a silver fleur-de-lis interlaced by a blue chevron and charges with a mullet of the like, all enclosed at top by a red scroll inscribed "NORTHERN STAR" in silver. The chevron represents the Support branch. The unit's motto, "Northern Star," is recalled by a mullet and the stylized fleur-de-lis, a compass symbol for "north" and a reference to the unit's association with the 88th Regional Support Command. Dark blue symbolizes the firmament of the northern star. Silver denotes integrity and high ideals, scarlet signifies courage and sacrifice.

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