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561st Corps Support Group

The The 561st Corps Support Group, headquartered in a designated historic site in Omaha, Nebraska, has command and control of non-medical USAR units in Nebraska and Kansas. The group's mobilization mission is to provide the full spectrum of Combat Service Support to an Army corps; along with maintaining its assigned units in ready status, the group headquarters must be prepared to deploy and perform this mission.

The U.S. Army Reserve Command commands and supports all Army Reserve troop units in the continental United States with the exception of psychological operations and civil affairs units. The USARC also ensures the readiness of its forces and prepares the nearly 1,700 units under its command to mobilize and deploy to a wartime theater of operation.

Nebraska is part of the USARC's 89th Regional Support Command based in Wichita, Kan. The 561st Corps Support Group, based in Omaha, consists of three battalions: the 530th Military Police Battalion, the 809th Quartermaster Battalion and the 89th Ordnance Battalion. Almost all Army Reserve units in Nebraska belong to one of the three battalions of the 561st Corps Support Group. The only exceptions are two units of the 95th Division, based in Oklahoma City; a hospital belonging to the 331st Medical Group, based in Wichita, Kan.; and an office of the 89th Regional Support Command inspector general.

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