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451st Civil Affairs Battalion

The 451st Civil Affairs Battalion was first constituted on 6 December 1955 in the Army Reserve as the 451st Military Government Group and activated on 10 January 1956 at Portland, Oregon. The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 13 August 1956 as the 451st Civil Affairs and Military Government Group. It was redesignated on 10 December 1959 as the 451st Civil Affairs Group. The unit was inactivated on 16 September 1979 at Portland, Oregon.

The unit was redesignated on 16 September 1992 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 451st Civil Affairs Battalion. The 451st Civil Affairs Battalion began its activation process in October 2001 and sought all 38A MOSQ personnel. Special Operations Qualified soldiers were encouraged to apply (18 series, Psyops, Intel, Civil Affairs qualified). The 451st Civil Affairs Battalion was recruiting Officers and Enlisted personnel, but all personnel had to become 38A MOSQ within one year of assignment, regardless of existing MOS.

The distinctive unit insignia for the 451st Civil Affairs Battalion was approved on 9 October 2001, consisting of a shield blazoned: Purpure, a chevron Argent between, in chief, a quill Or and a scroll of the second saltirewise and issuant from base a demi-globe Vert gridlined and fimbriated Argent; overall a sword throughout point up charged on the blade by a mullet Argent (Silver Gray). Attached below and to the sides of the shield a Purple scroll inscribed "PROMOTERS OF VICTORY" in Silver. Purple and white are the colors traditionally used by Civil Affairs units. The chevron symbolizes support highlighting the unit's mission. The scroll and quill signify the establishment of civil authority and justice. Gold refers to excellence. Green denotes life and safety. The demi-globe symbolizes the unit's worldwide mission. The star alludes to the present location of the unit, Texas, the Lone Star State.

The Battalion was formally activated on 16 October 2002 at Pasadena, Texas, with its organic elements concurrently constituted and activated.

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