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360th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)

The shoulder sleeve insignia was authorized on 28 January 1977. On a shield divided diagonally from upper left to lower right, purple and white, within a purple border and all enclosed by a white border, a globe divided diagonally purple and white with purple gridlines encircled and surmounted by an annulet and chevron counterchanged. Purple and white are the colors used for Civil Affairs units. The annulet or circle, a symbol for continuity and perfection, together with a chevron representing the gables of a house and also the military presence, symbolizes with the globe, the worldwide aspects and mission of organization. Furthermore, the circle in its sum total of 360 degrees alludes not only to the numerical designation, but combined with the chevron also forms the initials of the organization.

The distinctive unit insignia was authorized on 25 March 1977. A gold color metal and enamel device consisting of an opened white enamel scroll edged in gold and surmounting slightly above center a purple globe with gold gridlines all in front of a display of green enamel palm branches, at the top a semi-circular purple scroll with three sections, inscribed "LAW SECURITY ORDER" in gold letters. The opened scroll and globe allude to the unit's mission of civil affairs worldwide. The palmetto palm, symbolic of victory and justice, is the state tree of South Carolina, the present location of the organization. The color green represents vigor and growth, while purple and white are colors used for Civil Affairs units.

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