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423rd Quartermaster Battalion

The 423rd Quartermaster Battalion (Water) was recently activated on 9 September 2000. The unit is located in Warren, Ohio, and has peacetime command and control of units and detachments located in Cadiz, Zanesville, Akron, Canton, and Columbus OH. Our peacetime headquarters is 643rd Area Support Group located in Columbus OH, and we are part of the 88th Regional Support Command, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Currently, the 423d Command and Controls three companies. The 660th Transportation Company consists of semi-tractors and 7500-gallon tankers to provide bulk fuel support to an assigned area. The 660th is split into two parts, the main company (Cadiz, OH) and the detachment (Zanesville, OH). The 762d Transportation Company mission is to transport dry, refrigerated and containerized cargo in the Corps area of operations and conduct motor transport operations utilizing semi-tractors and 40' trailers.

758th Maintenance Company (DS) provides direct support vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair parts supply to an assigned area. The 758th is split into two parts, the main company (Whitehall, OH) and the detachment (Canton, OH). The mission for the 758th is to provide DS support for units and AMSA's (Area Maintenance Support Activity) within the geographic area, and to provide technical support to area units and assist in operational readiness of assigned units. It also provide repair parts to assigned units through out the 88th RSC (Reserve Support Command). The unit has over 200 Soldiers in over 30 occupational skills performing a wide variety of maintenance and supply operations. The Army Maintenance System consists of 5 echelons, or levels of repair. The Operators level: Performed by equipment operators to ensure equipment is operating properly. The Organizational Level: Provides maintenance support within the unit, performing basic repairs and services. The Direct Support level: Provides maintenance support to units within thier area of operation. They perform complex repairs and services including major component replacement. (i.e. engines, transmissions, etc.) The General Support level: Provides Maintenance support to Direct Support units within it's area of responsibility. Performs Highly complex repairs and services including major component rebuilding. The Depot level: Provides support to Direct and General support units. They perform major component and complete system rebuild and refurbishment services.

Formed in January 1966 as the 758th Light Maintenance Company, the 758th Maintenance Company has been performing it's mission for the Army and the nation with pride and dedication for over 30 years. Not only does the Company provide the Army with outstanding support in our maintenance mission, over the years it has participated in many local, regional, and international relief/support efforts. Soldiers of the 758th helped Ohio citizens during the Blizzards of the late 70"s, and helped local communities, relief agencies, and organizations, in operations to clean up parks and help the needy. The Company has also deployed to central America to help nations recover and rebuild from natural disasters. In September 1990 the Company was activated and deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in support of Operations Desert Shield and Storm. Assigned to the 1st COSCOM it provided support to the 18th Airborne Corps, members of the unit pushed deep into Iraq with the 24th Infantry Div. Since returning to reserve status in 1991 the Annual Training has participated in several Army exercises all over the country, as well as Operations in Germany, Panama, Guatemala, and Luxembourg.

The 423d Command and Controls water purification, distribution and transportation assets. This exciting field is a necessity on the battlefield, for without water the battle stops. The definition of a Water dawg: (wot'er da'wog) is a rare, yet highly respected form of US military service member dedicated to providing life-sustaining water to military forces worldwide. A caring individual whose flexibility allows the modification of doctrine to support disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. An accomplished athlete, who when combined with other Water Dawgs, routinely excel in sports competitions.

For the past several years, the 423d has participated in "Operation Evergreen". This program is designed to ship Christmas Trees to our soldiers stationed overseas. Working with the Ohio Christmas Tree Association and John Bailey of Bailey's Tree Farms, Lordstown Ohio. The 423d has provided military vehicle transportation support to this incredible project.

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