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387th Replacement Battalion

The final consolidated IPR and a rock drill was held 27 Jan 00 for CALL FORWARD 00 (17 Mar - 1 Apr 00) and CONUS Replacement Exercise 21 (29 Mar - 27 Apr 00). Representatives from 1/391st, 98th DIVIT, 387TH Repl Bn and the 387th's subordinate companies met with MANSCEN training brigade reps and the installation staff. The 1/391st had the lead as the Bn TF for CF00. CF00 processed and performed a rapid train-up of approximately 120 IRRs in four MOS (12B, 54B, 88M, 95B). The 387th had the lead to establish a CONUS Replacement Center as part CRCX21. The CRCX21 prepared and deployed up to 200 soldiers and civilians participating in RSOI 00 in Korea in Apr 00.

MANSCEN, augmented by the 387th Repl Bn and its subordinate units, successfully completed CONUS Replacement Center Exercise 21 in April. CRCX21 was conducted in conjunction with MOBEX Reception, Staging Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI) 00 in Korea. Forty five Active Component and Army Reserve soldiers were received on 3 Apr. They received Soldier Readiness Processing, required equipment (TA-50) and theater specific classes. They were transferred to Scott Air Force Base, IL on 6 Apr. After participating in RSOI, the soldiers returned to Scott AFB on 24 Apr. They were out processed on 25 Apr and returned to home of record on 26 Apr.

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