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367th Military Police Group (EPW)

Military Police from seven states completed Platinum Sword in July 2001, wrapping up 15 days of enemy prisoner-of-war camp training operations. All 600 soldiers received a total training package in the Army's law enforcement career field-from running patrols to processing and interrogating prisoners. Many experienced the other end of training by being processed themselves as enemy prisoners of war and refugees.

The 367th Military Police Group of Ashley, Pa., headed up command and control over the exercise involving 20 units from company to battalion strength. For members of the 367th, this may be one of their last exercises since the 39-member unit of the 99th Regional Support Command was scheduled to case its colors in 2003. The battle to keep the unit in business is not over yet and the matter continues to be staffed to keep the organization on the Army rolls. The 367th soldiers oversaw training operations for two enemy prisoner of war internment facilities, using a Korea scenario to add realism to the training.

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