1079th Garrison Support Unit

The mission of the Press Camp Headquarters (PCH) is to provide command and control staff, planning and supervision of Press Camp Operations at a Corps/Theater level for operations performed by public affairs units. It is equivalent to a Battalion Headquarters. The PCH serves as a liaison with the media. Functions include guarding OPSEC, providing briefings, advisories, press releases and video documentation of press conferences. The PCH is also responsible for registering and escorting news media representatives (NMR), assisting in deploying media pools and coordinating logistical support for a media operations center.

The Press Camp Headquarters mission is clearly media oriented. Operations are supported by Mobile Public Affairs Detachments (MPADs) and a Broadcast Public Affairs Detachment (BPAD) as well as other augmentees which report to the PCH Commander for duty within a Press Camp/Media Center, Joint Information Bureau or Allied Press Information Center. The PCH is a headquarters element that forms the nucleus of a Media Support Center, responsible to the gaining commander for facilitating media coverage of operations.

The Press Camp Headquarters is a 33 person unit (9 officers/24 enlisted) commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. It was designed to meet the growing need of the military to support media activities at operational sites throughout the world. To this end, Joint Public Affairs Doctrine is placing greater emphasis on the role of PA units in providing public affairs support to combat, crisis management, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, contingency, and peacekeeping operations. Joint doctrine also emphasizes the need for a variety of Public Affairs services on the battlefield.

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