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354th Civil Affairs Brigade

The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia was authorized on 18 October 1977, consisting of a white shield arced at top and bottom, a V-shaped purple area issuing from the border at base and extending to the upper corners bearing a white dome and surmounted overall by a vertical gold sword, point up, all within a white border. The sword was suggested by the Civil Affairs insignia of branch. The V-shape, simulating a ray of light, is symbolic of enlightenment; the white dome represents the United States Capitol and alludes to the unit's present location in the Washington D.C. area. Purple and white are colors used for Civil Affairs units.

The distinctive unit insignia was authorized on 23 September 1981, consisting of a gold and red flame centered between six gold rays and above the upper portion of a gold outlined and detailed white Ionic column, all upon a purple V-shaped field inclosed by a gold V-shape and arched across the top a gold scroll inscribed in purple letters with the motto, "GUIDE THE VICTORY." Purple and white are the colors associated with the Civil Affairs units. The column suggests public buildings and thus alludes to civil affairs. The torch-like flame above and the rays signify guidance and enlightenment and the V-shape adds emphasis to the words of the motto, "Guide the Victory."

Civil Affairs units are among the most-deployed units and soldiers in the Army. Soldiers and units from the 354th CA have been deployed to Southwest Asia, North Africa, Bosnia/Kosovo, Panama, Haiti, and the Horn of Africa. The 354th has been deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Once CA qualified, Soldiers and Officers are able and encouraged to participate in a variety of specialized and adventure training. Airborne, Air Assault, Arabic, SERE, Combatives training, even Ranger School are available, just to name a few. Professional development schools are also a priority, facilitating advancement/promotion.

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