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319th Signal Battalion

The mission of the 319th Signal Battalion is to Install, Operate, and Maintain (IOM) an Echelon Above Corps (EAC) Digital Group Multiplex (DGM) communications system for a theater army or joint task force in a major regional conflict.

The 319th Signal Battalion is a Tri-Service Tactical (TRI-TAC) Signal Unit. TRI-TAC is a tactical command, control, and communications program. It is a joint service effort to develop and field advanced tactical and multichannel switched communications equipment The program was conceived to achieve interoperability between service tactical communications systems, establish interoperability with strategic communications systems, take advantage of advances in technology, and eliminate duplication in service aquisitions. Each component of the program is assigned to one of the services to develop and acquire for the entire defense community. The major components assigned to the Army are the AN/TTC-39 family of voice switches and the AN/TYC-39 message switch, multichannel transmission equipment, and user voice and message processing terminals and devices. To accomodate the need for a tactical communications system at EAC, HQ DA directed that heavy TRI-TAC components would operate at those command levels. This EAC structure is the essential link that facilitates and ensures timely, secure, two-way communications between strategic command authorities and their tactical fighting forces.

Equipment of the 319th:
AN/TTC-39A  Circuit Switch
AN/TTC-48   Small Extension Node Switch (SEN)
AN/TRC-173  LOS Radio Terminal Set (UHF)
AN/TRC-174  LOS Radio Repeater Set (UHF)
AN/TRC-138  LOS Radio Repeater Set (SHF)
AN/TRC-175  LOS Radio Terminal Set (SHF)

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