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303rd Ordnance Group (AMMO) DS/GS

In peacetime, HQS, 303rd Ordnance Group (AMMO) DS/GS provides Command and Control, Personnel, Logistical and Training Support to 4 Subordinate Battalions and 12 Companies. In wartime, HQS, 303rd Ordnance Group (AMMO) DS/GS Mobilizes and Deploys by Air, Land and/or Sea to the Theater of Operation; Provides Ammunition Support / Management to the Theater Commander; Demobilizes and Re-Deploys to CONUS.

The 303rd Ordnance Group (Ammo)(DS/GS) provides command and control for assigned or attached, direct support/general support conventional ammunition organizations or other attached units. It provides strategic planning and technical guidance for the distribution, sustainment, destruction, and retrograde of Class V for contingency based theater operations. The headquarters detachment provides unit administration and logistical support for the group.

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