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300th Quartermaster Battalion (Corps)

The 300th Quartermaster Battalion (Corps) operate a direct support supply facility in support of 18,500 nondivisional soldiers; to provide receipt, storage, and issue of class I, II, III, IV, and VII supplies (except communications security (COMSEC) equipment, airdrop items and marine and rail type equipment); and to provide potable water.

The 300th Quartermaster Battalion, which is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, was activated on 06 December 1997. Major General James W. Darden, Commander of the 81st Regional Support Command, passed the colors of the 300th Quartermaster Battalion, through Robert Blagojevich, Deputy Commander of the 1st Brigade, to Larry V. Wise, Commander of the 300th Quartermaster Battalion, signifying the activation of the 300th to the United States Army Reserve, constituted on the 1st day of September, 1997.

The mission of the 300th Quartermaster Battalion is to provide logistical support at the corps level, with an approximate strength of the battalion of 420 soldiers. At activiation, the 300th Quartermaster Battalion was comprised of the 212th Transportation Company from Chattanooga, the 591st Transportation Detachment from Chattanooga, the 418th Quartermaster Detachment from Oak Ridge, and the 639th Transportation Company from Kingsport. In addition to the two transportation companies using Army trucks, the 212th specializes in containerized platform loading systems pulled on flatbed semi-trailers; the 418th is a water distribution unit that is designed to hook up with a water purification unit in the field.

The 212th specializes in containerized platform loading from flatbed semi-trailers.

Tennessee has a long and proud tradition of supplying logistical support through the Quartermasters. The Quartermaster Corps mandate is to provide supplies and services to our courageous troops, and, more than this, to get them to the right place at the right time; this is an increasingly complicated, increasingly sophisticated task, but can be highly rewarding in terms of personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. Although proud of the Corps' distinguished heritage, the Quartermaster soldier does not dwell on past glories; instead the Quartermaster soldier looks squarely ahead to face the challenges of the 21st century. The Quartermaster's mission cannot be rigid; this mission evolves, as it must, to meet the challenges of tomorrow's battlefields as designed by science and technology.

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