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220th Military Police Brigade

The 220th Military Police Brigade is an ACRC (Active Component / Reserve Component) in Gaithersburg, MD.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 24 Jul 1972, consisting of a a yellow disc with a green annulet issuing four green pikes from within, interlaced saltirewise with points up, all within a yellow border. The pikes, former weapons used by guards, are interlaced to symbolize strength and protection within the law. The pikes placed "two" then "two" with the annulet further distinguishes the organization's numerical designation 220th. The annulet also alludes to the unit's speed and mobility in carrying out its mission. Green and yellow are colors used for Military Police units.

The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved on 27 Sep 1972. It was amended to revise the symbolism of the design on 30 November 1988. The Distinctive Unit Insignia consists of a disc divided horizontally, the upper half in green with four gold lateral lines evenly spaced throughout, the lower half in black; overall and extending beyond top and base the head of a two bladed gold halberd bearing a green five-pointed star, and inscribed around the lower portion on the disc left of the ferrule, "SUPPORT" and right of the ferrule, "BY DOING," all in gold letters. Green and gold (yellow) are the colors traditionally associated with the Military Police Corps. Heraldically the color black typifies constancy and fidelity, both necessary to orderly processes. The halberd through tradition connotes vigilance, and a star is emblematic of leadership and authority; together they represent the overall mission of the organization. The blades of the halberd refer to offensive and defensive capability, while the disc simulates a wheel connoting mobility.

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