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164th Corps Support Group

The Army Reserve's 164th Corps Support Group ]164th CSG], Mesa, Arizona supports units in Nevada and Arizona. It uses the U.S. Army Reserve Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) hardware.

National Training Center (NTC) rotation NTC 99-05's main participant was the 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) of the 4th Infantry Division. The 1st BCT's subordinate units included three heavy ground battalions (two armor and one mechanized infantry), a light infantry battalion [from the 25th Infantry Division (Light), headquartered at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii], an engineer battalion, an artillery battalion, a utility helicopter battalion, a forward support battalion (FSB), and representative slices of the division base. The division also deployed parts of its DISCOM sustainment cell and division and aviation support battalions. The 164th Corps Support Group (U.S. Army Reserve) provided echelons-above-division support. The combat service support (CSS) focal point of the rotation was the FSB, which was reorganized with a base support company, supporting units located in the brigade rear area; three forward support companies (FSC's), each supporting a ground maneuver task force; a forward support medical company; and a headquarters and headquarters company.

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