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1st Battalion (LS), 322nd Regiment

The 1st Battalion (LS), 322nd Regiment is the Logistics Support Battalion (LSB) for the 5th Brigade of the 78th Division (Training Support). The battalion is located on Fort A.P. Hill, VA. The Mission of the 1st Battalion (LS), 322nd Regiment is to provide logistical and maintenance support to the Training Support Brigade and its subordinate battalions in order to enable them to provide training assistance, support, and evaluation to priority Reserve Component units. On order, provide training assistance on logistics related subjects to training support battalions and priority supported units in order to enhance individual and unit readiness to meet directed mobilization and/or wartime requirements. When capabilities permit, provide logistical training support to other units within AOR. On order, support, provide, or augment Mobilization Assistance Teams (MAT) to assist installation commanders in post-mobilization training and validation of mobilized units for deployment. Provide command and control of subordinate elements.

During World War I, the 322nd Infantry was assigned to the 81st Infantry Division and participated in the Meuse-Argonne and Lorraine 1918 campaigns. The unit crest reflects this World War I service -- the shield is blue for infantry, the wildcat is taken from the division's shoulder patch, the fleur-de-lis represents service in France, and the two stars represent the campaigns participated in. The unit motto, "Excelsior," means "Ever Upward." During World War II, the regiment served in the Pacific as once again part of the 81st Infantry Division and participated in the Western Pacific and Leyte campaigns. The unit also received the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation for its contributions to victory. Today, the 322nd Infantry's tradition of service lives on in the 1st Battalion (LS), 322nd Regiment of the 5th Brigade of the 78th Division (TS).

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